Which Food Network Chef Should Cater Your Wedding?

Tori Highley

Image: Collage; Giada, Bobby, Guy

About This Quiz

As the wedding bells start to ring, the dinner bells are what you begin to worry about! Take this quiz to find out which celebrity chef would be the perfect caterer for your wedding reception.

What flower are you going to put in the centerpieces?

What kitchen gear brand is on your registry?

What breakfast are you serving the wedding party while you get ready?

Who could you not get married without?

What is your favorite part of planning the wedding?

What do you want as the main course at your reception?

What do you crave for comfort food?

Which decorating theme is your wedding centered around?

Where do you get most of your recipes?

What is your favorite potluck dish to bring?

Which difficult to master dish do you love to eat?

Which cooking utensil do you find yourself using most frequently?

What is your favorite garnish to use?

Which salad would you like at your wedding?

Which appetizer sounds most appetizing for cocktail hour?

Which dessert bar are you having at the reception?

Where do you eat out most frequently?

What do you plan on drinking at the reception?

Where are you planning to go for your honeymoon?

What is the plan for the rehearsal dinner?

What is most important about the table settings at your wedding?

What snack do you have on hand in case you get hungry?

What kind of pastry is your favorite?

What food do you absolutely have-to-have on your wedding day?

What food do you truly hate?

Which fast food place are you going to stop by for after-wedding munchies?

Who do you trust to take care of all problems on your wedding day?

Which side dish sounds delish?

How is your food going to be served?

What piece of decor will make your wedding feel the most magical?

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