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You buy a fancy phone today, and a cooler one will come out tomorrow and make yours obsolete. Can you remember which of these iconic products appeared on the market first?

The first Polaroid camera or the first Kodak Instamatic?

The first Polaroid --the Model 95 -- came out in 1948. Kodak debuted the Instamatic (the first camera with film cartridges) in 1963.


The first handheld calculator or the first digital watch?

The first battery-powered handheld calculator was the Sharp QT-8B, introduced in 1969. Three years later, Hamilton unveiled the Pulsar -- the first digital watch.


The Sony Walkman or the Atari 2600?

The Atari 2600, which came out in 1977, has two years on the Walkman.


Sirius or XM Radio?

Sirius and XM merged in 2008, but Sirius was formed two years earlier than XM, in 1990.


Macintosh iBook or Sony VAIO?

The VAIO entered the lightweight-laptop market in 1996, about three years before the colorful iBook.


PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox or Nintendo GameCube?

The PS2 edged out its competitors by about a year. PS2 debuted on Oct. 26, 2000, and Xbox and GameCube came along in late 2001.


Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 3?

PlayStation 3 came out eight days before the Wii, on Nov. 11, 2006.


Blu-Ray or HD-DVD players?

HD-DVD players beat Blu-Ray to the market in 2006, but Blu-Ray has officially come out on top in the high-def disc wars.


Sony Reader or Amazon Kindle?

The Kindle has gotten the most media attention (and sales) since its debut in 2007, but the Reader came out a year earlier.


Palm Pre or iPhone?

The Palm Pre, which came out in mid-2009, has been the most successful alternative to the iPhone, which came out in 2007.


Blackberry 6210 or Motorola Razr V3?

The 6210, which included addictive features like integrated phone, Web browsing and e-mail came out in 2003. The V3 turned the mobile phone into a fashion accessory in 2004.


DiskOnKey flash drive or Iomega Zip drive?

The 100-megabyte Zip storage device came out in 1995; the DiskOnKey was introduced in 2000 offered 8 megabytes on a key ring.


Fuzzbuster or Breathalyzer?

The first portable Breathalyzers began to trip up tipsy drivers in 1954; the Fuzzbuster radar detector didn't come along until 1973.


RioPMP 300 MP3 player or Apple iPod?

The Rio, which held 10 songs, was on the market in 1998. The iPod put "1,000 songs in your pocket" in 2001.


IBM Simon Personal Communicator or StarTAC clamshell cell phone?

The Simon, the first smart phone, debuted in 1993. The StarTAC, with its Star Trek appeal, hit the market in 1996.


Bluetooth headset or Bose noise cancellation headphones?

The geeky headset didn't appear until 2000. Bose's noise cancellation was available back in 1986.


DVD player or TiVO?

The first DVD players hit the market in 1996 and sold for a whopping $1,000 and up. TIVO began to record television shows in 1999.


Wireless television remote or Regency TR-1 transistor radio?

The Regency portable came in four colors when it appeared in 1954. Couch potatoes didn't get their wireless remote until 1955.


Sony Betacam or Victor HR-3300 VHS video recorder?

In the great video format war, VHS, developed by Victor Company of Japan (JVC) hit the market in 1976, beating Sony by six years.


The floppy disk or the power strip?

IBM introduced the floppy in 1971. The power strip came out a year later. But the power strip is still around.


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