Which "Game of Thrones" character is most like your ex-boyfriend?

Zoe Samuel

Image: Collage; Hodor, Eddard Stark, Yara Greyjoy

About This Quiz

It is widely agreed that most characters on "Game of Thrones" wouldn't make very good partners - which is why so many of them feel like our exes. Which GoT hero or villain is your ex?

How smart is your ex?

Is your ex loyal?

Was your ex humble?

Was your ex kind?

How was his conversation?

Was he ever a bully?

How sensitive was he?

What did you and your ex do for fun?

Was he open-minded?

Did he love to read?

How handsome was he?

Was he adventurous?

Was he practical?

Was he a natural leader?

What first drew you to him?

What was his strength?

Did he do monogamy?

What was his weakness?

Who were his friends?

Who were his enemies?

Did he know how to compromise?

Was he the marrying kind?

Did he appreciate the finer things?

Did he play by the rules?

What do you miss about him?

Did your family like him?

Was he wealthy?

Was he giving?

Is there anything you really don't miss about him?

Be honest: was he a good catch?

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