Which Gemstone Are You?

Tori Highley

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About This Quiz

Gemstones are adored around the world. Their intense colors and crystalline structures cause them to be coveted by jewelers and scientists alike! Take this quiz to find out which gemstone you are most like.

Which fantasy book series is your favorite?

How do you buy wine?

Which fantasy show is your favorite?

Which jacket would you rather wear?

Which of these controversial foods is a nice treat for you?

Which of these modern adventures would you go on?

Which piece of jewelry do you wear the most?

Which piece of jewelry do you look forward to handing down to your grandchildren?

What is your shining quality?

Which dessert do you find irresistible?

Which season is your favorite?

Which magic spell would you like to cast?

What do you need to prioritize right now?

How do you love to spend your Friday nights?

What kind of movie do you want to go see?

Which fantastical creature do you adore?

What is your favorite piece of furniture?

Which of these household goods do you value most?

Which fancy date would you love to go on?

Which beverage do you always have the materials for on hand?

What is your favorite house warming gift to give?

Which of these novels would you rather read?

Which field would you go back to school for?

Where would you go for a dream vacation?

Which dog do you most enjoy cuddling?

What would you use to hold a spell in a fantasy land?

Which flowers are your favorite?

What is your dream home?

Which practical hobby is your favorite?

On a trip, what do you like to take pictures of?

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