Which Gemstone Symbolizes Your Marriage?

Teresa McGlothlin

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When we think of marriage, we inevitably think of diamonds. For decades, the diamond has been used to declare our love for one another, but which gemstone represents us after we've grown together in wedded bliss? Gemstones are not formed overnight, and we're certain your love has blossomed into something more colorful than a diamond. 

As we dig our way through your relationship, we are going to ask you a series of questions designed to get to the heart of the gemstone the two of you have created. From the wisdom of the sapphire to the mystery of an opal,  gemstones have long been believed to carry certain traits. Once we match up the qualities found in your marriage with the known qualities of gemstones, we'll reveal the beautiful stone that symbolizes the two of you best. 

You know that your relationship is precious no matter which gemstone represents you, but we think that our knowledge will give you a whole new way to see yourselves. Polish up your responses, and tell us all the inside information about your relationship. Then, we'll reveal the gemstone the two of you should consider adopting as your last name! What will it be? 

Do you keep secrets from your spouse?

How would you describe your spouse's job?

Do you still hold hands in public?

Are you the logical one in your relationship?

Which one of you is the bossiest?

How long have you been married?

Where would you most like to renew your vows?

How would you describe your spouse's heart?

What does your spouse like most about you?

How do you make up after arguments?

Did you have a long engagement?

What was your wedding day like?

Which one of you is the better cook?

What do you like most about your spouse?

Who is the better driver?

Was is love at first sight?

Is your spouse your soulmate?

How would you describe your spouse's kisses?

What do you call your spouse most often?

Do you have children?

Who has the softer heart?

What does your spouse do that drives you crazy?

How often do you text each other?

What would the two of you do on a weekend at home?

What was your proposal like?

What will the two of you be doing in 10 years?

Who does the laundry?

How do you celebrate your anniversaries?

Which one of you is better with money?

Which one of you does more nagging?

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