Which Gemstone Symbolizes Your Relationship?

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The key to a good relationship is, well, there's not single key to a good relationship. You just know it when you're in one. You also know when you're in a not good, or when you're in a not good place in a good relationship. That happens. But they key to that is figuring out why you aren't feeling super great, and do what you can to fix it. Wanting to fix the problem is half the battle.

Once you figure out what you and your partner are going through, work with them to get through it. A good way to do that is with healing crystals. Hopefully your partner is into them as well, because the power of both of you putting your faith in the stones will amplify its power. Through these stones, you can find ways to reignite your passion for one another, breakthrough the barriers of communication, and see eye to eye on things that were dividing you. 

You are a better judge of your relationship than anyone, and all the stones are there for is to help you get to a place you already know. Want to know what gemstone symbolizes your relationship? Take this quiz to find out!

Do you feel like you and your partner spend enough time together?

How well do you feel like you and your significant other understand each other?

In your relationship, how much alone time do you need?

How affectionate are you towards one another?

On a Saturday night, what are the two of you doing?

Do you and your partner share the same values?

How do you deal with finances?

If you could choose to live anywhere with your partner, where would it be?

Have you talked about getting married?

Is there anything missing from your current relationship?

Do you consider yourself to be spiritual?

When you and your partner disagree, how do you resolve it?

Is physical fitness important to your relationship?

How important is physical intimacy to a successful relationship?

When you have free time, do you choose to spend it with your partner?

Do you ever have insecurities in your relationship?

When it comes to your significant other, do you feel like you know everything about them?

What does your partner do to make your feel loved?

Who wins the debate of what's for dinner?

Do you have good relationship role models?

Do you and your partner have similar tastes in entertainment?

Are you more likely to confront your SO or the other way around?

What is your greatest relationship fear?

Is there anything that you're hiding from your partner?

Are there any traditions that you want to build with your significant other?

How good of a parent do you think you would be in your current relationship?

Does your partner do anything that annoys you?

What type of date would bring back some fun to your relationship?

How long did it take you to say "I love you"?

Do you stay friends with your exes?

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