Which German Scientist Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Germany gave birth to some of the world's most important scientists. Maybe there's something to the psycholinguistics of German, or there's something in the water. Both ideas are just conjecture, not even a full-fledged theory. Our theory is that you are a lot like these Teutonic theoreticians, and we can find out which one!

What is your must have personal hygiene item?

How do you fare as a spouse?

What area of science interest you the most?

What could you contribute to a university setting today?

Did you ever do something unspeakably bad, personally?

How long you you think your personal legacy will live on?

Has anyone ever accused you of causing bad things to happen because of your work?

Does your name lend itself easily to rhymes?

When people hear your last name, what do they think of?

If you weren't involved in science, what field would you pursue?

Would you name a child today with your given name?

How common is your brilliance in every day life?

How dangerous are your discoveries?

Do children ooh and aah over your creations?

What scientist do you most admire?

What do you think would be the pinnacle of scientific achievement?

What is a fantasy application of technology you dream about?

What's your personal style?

Would you ever flee your homeland?

Other than your native tongue, do you speak any languages?

Are you a good teacher?

How practical vs. theoretical do you like your science?

What's the most positive practical application your work might have?

Do you look down on engineering as less precise than physics?

What contemporary company would hire you for your skills?

What sort of company would you definitely not work for?

Would you ever work for "the bad guys"?

What's your idea of failure?

How's your sense of humor?

Do you think anyone can be a scientist?

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