Which "Godfather" Character Should Be Your Partner in Crime?

Mark Lichtenstein

Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

Are you going to the mattresses? Do you know which you need: a cannoli or a gun? What's the quickest way to hide a body if you're carrying it from Mott street? Here's a quiz you can't refuse.

Are you the boss?

Do you plan to be the boss?

Would you ever snitch?

What do you need in a partner?

Are you in this for life or just until you make money?

How do you feel about horses?

Do you speak Italian?

Are you Catholic?

Do you love Cosa Nostra more than life itself?

Do you expect to retire alive?

Do you know anything about running numbers games?

How about fixing horse races?

Have you ever made someone an offer they couldn’t refuse?

Do you have any contacts in local law enforcement?

Do you like violence?

Do you do your own dirty work?

What’s your signature mafia clothing style?

Do you think being in the mafia is romantic?

Do you know how to avoid capture?

Do you have a good lawyer?

Are you good with playing cards?

Would you have ethical issues with selling drugs?

Can you take orders?

Do you know how to keep your mouth shut?

Have you ever put anyone in a pair of concrete shoes, if you know what I mean?

Do you love pasta?

Do you respect women?

What one thing would you not do for Cosa Nostra?

Ever been to Sicily?

Do you worry about going to Hell?

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