Which Greek Goddess Am I?

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In Greek mythology, goddesses were just as powerful as the gods. Each with their own ruling specialty, Greek goddesses handled everything from the harvest to entertainment. Once you compare yourself to some of the most fierce women in the ancient Greek world, you'll learn which one of them you embody the most! 

Goddesses like Aphrodite were known for their ability to love, but goddesses like Nemesis were famous for their unbridled sense of vengeance. As you go through our questions, we'll present you with a goddess. Then, we'll ask you to answer using your personal style. By the time you finish, we'll know which position you would have held while sitting atop Mount Olympus. Your real personality will be the key to finding out, so don't hold back or be too modest! 

As a culture, the ancient Greeks were both warfaring and concerned with the survival of humankind. Though they had a belief system much different from the ones we hold today, many of the goddesses are still revered for their ruling style. After you put yourself in their sandals, the goddess you are most like will be revealed. 

Are you ruled by victories like Nike or the nighttime like Nyx? Scroll down to learn how your friends should be referring to you! 

You've just hit the Mount Olympus scene. Which god intrigues you the most?

Athena was born wearing armor. What made your birth special?

What brings out your inner Mania, the goddess of insanity?

Which one of these mythological creatures would you have as a personal mascot?

When someone has wronged you, do you react like Hera or Nemesis?

What makes you as smart as the Titan goddess of wisdom, Metis?

If a friend were dating someone with Zeus' commitment issues, what advice would you give them?

These traits are associated with the Charites. Which one is your strongest?

Nike was the winged goddess of victory. What makes you feel most victorious?

If you got a new puppy, which of the Pleiades would you name it after?

Would you rather be the goddess of the harvest like Demeter or the goddess of eternal youth like Hebe?

Are you the goddess of any domestic crafts like Athena?

Artemis vowed to never have children. What should you take a vow against doing?

Which of Rhea's children shares your sense of morality?

If you were being worshipped by your subjects, which Greek food would you demand they bring?

You've just arrived at the carnival season (Apokreas) celebration, and another goddess is wearing the same dress. How do you react?

If you were asked to serve nectar to the gods, what would you serve?

As a mortal, how do you honor your inner Greek goddess?

Aphrodite once turned her enemy into a lion. If you had the same ability, what would your enemy become?

The Gorgons are upset with you and seeking revenge. Which goddess do you turn to for help?

If you were a goddess of protection like Brizo, what would you prefer to protect?

Would you fear the wrath of Zeus or Poseidon more?

Eos is the goddess of the dawn. Are you a morning person?

Which of the emblems associated with The Muses could represent you too?

Kotys was the goddess of celebration and known for her wild parties. What are you like at parties?

Thetis was a shapeshifter and a prophet. Which one would you rather be?

Do you know much about astronomy or astrology like the goddess Urania?

Terpsichore is considered the goddess of dancing. Which physical activity could you rule?

Which one of Hecate's specialties interests you more than the others?

Persephone lives in the underworld during the winter. Where would you like to be a snowbird?

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