Which Greek Hero Is Your Soulmate?

By: Zoe Samuel
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The Greek myths are some of the oldest stories to be passed down to today's societies. They date back up to 5,000 years in various written forms, and some are believed to be even older in the oral tradition. There are many versions of most of them, some of which we have preserved in the form of plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and others. Some have been handed down as epics, such as the "Iliad" by Homer, which is the second oldest written epic in history (the oldest is Gilgamesh).

These stories are full of all sorts of heroes. Some of them are basically 90% meat, known only for their feats of incredible strength. Some are known for their warm hearts and for doing the right thing, and for learning how to be more decent in the face of temptation not to be. Others are known for their wit and cunning, for coming up with crafty schemes to get into cities or trick evil sorceresses. This means that whether you prefer your man to be all brawn and very little brain, mostly brain, or a mix of the two, then you're in luck; there's a Greek hero for you. Let's find yours!

How important is brain over brawn?

How strong should he be?

Does he need to be able to change?

How faithful should he be?

How many kids will you have?

What kind of house will you live in?

What will you spend your time doing?

How will you meet?

Where will you vacation?

What job should he have?

What outfit will he look good in?

How will it end?

Will the relationship be tempestuous?

Would he do anything for you?

Will you get on with his family?

Will his colleagues like you?

Does his family have a family business?

Does he like to travel?

Is he a good role model?

Does he want to be with an equal partner?

Have a lot of people heard of him?

Can he be kind of arrogant?

Is he funny?

Does he ever embarrass you?

Does he have close male friends?

Does he have any female friends at all?

Is he good with his hands?

How much does he love his job?

Does he have a good relationship with his father?

Can he be gentle when the occasion requires?

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