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Before you start rapping or letting out a high, piercing, operatic note when thinking about the songs from the play "Hamilton," you need to learn more. Find out which character sings the songs that speak to your heart. Then you will really belt those songs with a passion that you can OWN. We'll take you through questions that reveal your personality traits and match those traits with the starring roles from the musical. Don't skip a beat, take the quiz now. 

The intrigue, the leadership, the sincerity, the ego... explaining these motivations helped tell the story of Alexander Hamilton and helped the Broadway show earn a record-setting 16 Tony nominations, winning 11. The strength of the writing alone made it worthy of the awards, but the songs and the politics were just as impactful. The musical captured a nations' appreciation for rap and hip-hop music, as well as a sense of justice and pride (Immigrants - We Get the Job Done). The characters were just as fascinating, with complex backgrounds, combat scars and powerful needs. 

Do you see yourself in any of the main characters? Who do you think most closely represents your personality and quirks? Don't throw away your shot. Take the quiz now by clicking the button below. 

How would you destroy your enemy?

Which best describes Alexander Hamilton?

Pick a drink.

Pick a lyric -

Where would you rather go on vacation?

How do you feel about public speaking?

What's your ideal camping situation?

Which of these do you spend the most time on?

Someone you've known for a long time betrays your trust. What do you do?

You're at a party and someone asks you to dance. You:

Your weekend plans are likely to include:

Pick an actor:

How would you handle an argument?

Fill in the blank: "Man! The man is___."

How would society describe you?

How would YOU describe yourself?

In the face of danger, what sort of battle would you offer?

Do you wear glasses?

Which comes closest to your view?

Which most closely describes you?

What comes closest to your approach to sex?

What is your preferred living situation?

What is your management style?

My staff looks to me to make every decision.

Which is your preferred Broadway Musical?

Lyrics you can't help but rap at the top of your lungs? ("Hamilton" style of course)

Biggest pet peeve?

Which of the following do you value most?

What's your dream theater gig?

Are you more of a leader or a follower?

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