Quiz: Which Harry Potter House Do You Belong in Based on Your MBTI?
Which Harry Potter House Do You Belong in Based on Your MBTI?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Warner Bros

About This Quiz

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a popular personality assessment tool based on the work of the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung. Long before the Sorting Hat came into reality in the Harry Potter series, this test sorted people based on two alternatives in four categories. 

The first category involved determining if you were an introvert (I) or an extrovert (E). Secondly, the MBTI sought to determine if you used your intuition (N) or your senses (S) more frequently to gather information. Thinking (T) and feeling (F) were clear distinctions for how someone would process information, and perceiving (P), or judging (J) dealt with how you preferred to act on that information.

In this quiz, we'll take the 16 possible outcomes of the MBTI and connect them to the houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. By doing so, we'll create a Sorting Hat that doesn't rely on mind-reading or any magic to figure out where you'd best fit in. It just requires you to take an honest look in the mirror and to answer a few questions about your preferences and the way you tend to process information.

If you're ready, take a seat, and let the sorting begin.

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How do you feel after being around a big group of people for a while?

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What role are you most likely to play in a game of Quidditch?

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Which class at Hogwarts are you most interested in taking?

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Who is your favorite teacher or staff at Hogwarts?

11 of 30
Which kind of "Bott's Every Flavor Beans" is funniest to you?

13 of 30
Which word best fits your sense of humor?

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How do you feel after a day all by yourself?

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Which of Hagrid's pets do you like the most?

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Which color combination fits your eye the best?

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