Which High End Designer Should Design Your Wardrobe?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Everyone loves to look good, but what would you do if money were no object? Hire a top designer, obviously! Which' one should be designing your wardrobe?

How high end is high end enough for you?

How WASP-y are you?

Do you love a suit?

Where do you work?

Who do you want to impress?

Who do you want to offend?

Ruffles: yay or nay?

Do you love a wrap dress?

How about some structure?

Bold prints: in or out?

Are you quirky?

Do you believe the clothes make the woman?

Do you care about the environment?

What's a good accessory for you?

What hemline would you never wear?

What neckline would you never wear?

How silly are you?

Are you comfortable on heels?

Do you sort of miss La Belle Epoque?

Do you want little kids to enjoy your clothing?

How many stripes are too many?

Do you love a puffball skirt?

Would you ever wear something sheer?

Who are you seeing for lunch?

Do you want a designer who will listen to you, or just tell you what's good for you?

What's your body type?

Will you be in the city or the country?

How warm do you need to be?

How professional do you need to look?

Do mind getting your designs from a ghost?

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