Quiz: Which Historic Princess Are You?
Which Historic Princess Are You?
By: Tori Highley
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Princesses have always been a favorite career choice for little girls still growing up. The movies and shows that they watch show princesses as strong women doing many awesome things, and even the books they grow up reading talk of fairy tales featuring princesses doing magical things. These stories are beautiful and inspiring, and it is no wonder that so many children want to be princesses. 

But now that you have outgrown fairy tales, can you still imagine yourself as a princess? Real life princesses have harder and fiercer track records than your childhood fairy tales ever imagined. They had real-world problems, and they had real kingdoms to manage.  While modern royalty usually has little to do with running a country, historical princesses had many battles and invasions to deal with. They learned excellent diplomacy skills, and they often directly influenced the outcome of entire wars. 

Knowing this, do you still want the job? Let us pair you with your historical royal counterpart to see what kind of princess you would be. Would your diplomacy bring peace to your land, or would your strategic intelligence successfully defend your people against invasion? Our quiz will tell you which historical princess you are!

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Which beverage gets you through those long days at work?

4 of 30
Who do you trust the most for career advice?

5 of 30
What was your best subject in school?

6 of 30
What do you feel is your most attractive physical feature?

7 of 30
What do you value most in your clothing choices?

8 of 30
What does your family think is your strongest character trait?

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Which of these strong women of modern times do you draw inspiration from?

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Which of these princess-worthy accessories is your favorite?

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Which of these sports would you take up as a princess?

16 of 30
Which of these local businesses would you rather own?

17 of 30

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Which flower would decorate your coronation ceremony?

24 of 30
What is your beverage of choice for unwinding?

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Which of these do you believe needs the most reform in your country?

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What is your favorite power accessory to guarantee a great day?

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