Which Historic Region of the United States Is Meant for You?

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The name's Buff -- History Buff. Or, at least, yours will be once you find out which historical region of the United States is truly perfect for you. If where you live now isn't really working for you, if you feel like your heart is meant to be somewhere else or if you're just looking for a change of scenery, this quiz is for you. Not only will we take a deep dive into your style, house and weather preferences, but we'll also find out what's really important to you in life. There's bound to be a historical region that perfectly aligns with all your goals.

Some regions, like New England, consist of a few states that have long been part of this country and are deeply rooted in tradition. Others, like out west, are physically larger and have a different, often more free-flowing view of the world. Given that the areas are so vast, you will be able to find exactly where you belong. Maybe it's the south with all its fried food and barbecue. Or maybe you prefer the fresh seafood of the Mid-Atlantic. Answer our questions covering everything from food to clothes to love and we'll reveal which historic American region fits you the best!

Does it matter to you if you live in a place with historical importance?

When you think of the ideal place to live, do you care what happened there throughout history?

Looking back on your own life, what's been the greatest moment so far?

It's the weekend! What are you up to?

Do you like the idea of vintage items, or are you more into new and modern?

What was the best field trip you remember taking in school?

If you have a bucket list, what's the first thing on that list?

Would you pick up and move somewhere new to be with someone you love?

When you're looking for a little physical activity, what's your go-to workout?

Which view do you want to wake up to every day?

Would you be able to live without the change in seasons?

If a new and trendy restaurant opened up in your area, would you be the first in line?

Does your wardrobe have a particular style?

Your fridge is looking pretty empty. What kind of place are you getting groceries from?

Do you find yourself frequently wearing denim?

How much can you handle a little extreme weather?

When you think of the kind of place you'd want to raise kids, what do you envision?

Finding the right house can be difficult, but which style of home seems right for you?

Going out to dinner? What are you most likely to order?

Do you value change or tradition more?

It's time to snuggle up with a good book. What are you getting into?

Are you cool with having to drive pretty much everywhere, or would you rather just hop on a train?

Which activity sounds the most appealing to you?

Is it important to you to always be put-together and ready for guests or going out?

How often do you visit museums or historical sites?

Would you be starstruck if you ran into a celebrity?

What is your biggest priority right now?

Do you like to live among tons of other people or be a little more separated?

How do you act when you run into someone you know?

What are you most likely to do with your best friend during a hangout?

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