Which Historical Bombshell Are You Most Like?

Zoe Samuel

Image: Collage; Grace Jones, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor

About This Quiz

Many famous women inspire us with their grace, humor, wit, and style, and best of all because they retained their authenticity despite all the pressures of fame. Which one do you resemble?

Do you need a man?

Would you ever date a poor man?

Do you let people tell you how to look?

Are you more of a man's idol or a woman's idol?

What's your body type?

What's your fashion style?

How's your singing voice?

What jewelry can you not do without?

What sort of person can you simply not be around?

Who is your most common sort of fan?

Who has a problem with you?

What sort of scandal might you get involved in?

What rumor would people believe about you, even if it definitely wasn't true?

Do you look forward to living to a ripe old age?

Do you fear change?

What kind of movie would you never be in?

What sort of movie would you be in?

How provocative are you?

How funny are you?

Do you suffer from any demons chasing you?

What sort of man do you like physically?

Do you like to show a lot of skin?

Do you speak your mind?

Do you mostly have other famous friends?

Do you care about politics?

Do you care about baseball?

How principled are you?

Are you considered a strong woman?

Does anyone think you're weak?

If you were working today, how would you get started?

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