Which Holiday Movie Describes Your Family Gatherings?

By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

When you saddle up for the journey to the big family gathering this holiday season, you'll be wondering if your family get together will be more tragedy or comedy. Answer some questions for us, and we'll sort it out for you.

How embarrassing is your family?

Are you a bit of a lush?

Do you spend Christmas with friends?

Do you think you'll have to do some last minute travel for Christmas?

Are you going to do the mall thing?

How much do you overdo the lights?

Is it important that you cut down your own tree?

Is there an annual event you've always wanted to go to for Christmas?

Do you often find yourself with unpleasant strangers on Christmas?

Have you ever accidentally done something you regret on Christmas?

Have you ever worked over Christmas?

Do you have any colleagues who you only see around the holidays?

Do you have any yuppie neighbors who you don't get along with?

Do you often find yourself taking the whole family on the road for the holidays?

Do you have that cousin or uncle who has crazy, stupid business ideas?

Do your pets get through the holidays well?

Do you think you'll find love this Christmas?

How likely are you to make a new friend this Christmas?

Do you think you and your friends will go out and get wrecked this Christmas?

Do you have that one sad friend you see every Christmas?

Do you think this Christmas will be the best one ever?

Will you get any good presents this Christmas?

Do you always end up sitting next to a very large person when you travel for the holidays?

Do you ever have major septic accidents around the holidays?

Is your family matriarch very understanding?

Has one of your friends really freaked out at Christmas?

Has your family accused you of working too hard?

Does it feel like one Christmas just rolls into the next one?

Are you alone most holidays?

Do you have a good time during the holidays? At the time, not looking back on it?

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