Which Horse Breed Guards Your Heart?

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You've landed on this quiz because you are a horse lover, or at least you're curious about horses. Here is the quiz that will help gauge which horse breed guards your heart. Horses come in many shapes and sizes, with an assortment of temperaments. So it's not hard to determine which horse breeds mimic your lifestyle and mannerisms. Be as honest with your equine answers as possible, and we'll do the rest on this personality test.

Horse breeding is a complex science that requires a peculiar sense of how horses perform and their personalities. You've got to have the foresight and enough patience to see what types of horses will ultimately result based on years of observation. If you love horses, then you may be a perfect fit for that kind of job. Our personality test can help steer you in the right direction in terms of which breeds suit you best. The ultimate horse breeding feat is to reign in the wild stallion in order to extract and refine this horse's superior genetics. Many breeders use the stallion horse as stock to produce less temperamental generations of other breeds.

Do you want to learn more about horses? Trot through these equine questions that we've crafted just for you!

Which area of the world would you prefer to roam and call home?

Horses are treasured for their abilities to perform an assortment of tasks. What task do you perform well?

What type of horse do you best relate to?

Horses are bred to refine or suppress certain physical or temperament characteristics. What was your profession when you first started working?

When it gets cold outside, what coat color do you prefer to wear?

Can you name something that sets you apart from your peers?

A horse's body type determines the role it serves. Do you have a strong build, a lean physique or is there more of you to love?

Some highly-evolved breeds of popular horses can be traced far back for many years. How far back can you trace your family lineage?

How would someone who knows you well describe you with one word?

Horse lovers praise their regal facial profiles. Are your social media profiles refined or cluttered with lots of spam?

How would you describe your gait?

Horse breeding is meant to perfect or introduce more desirable attributes, but sometimes terrible equine diseases can be unwanted side effects. What are your reasons for calling in sick?

Racehorse owners often give them unusual names, like "Whirlaway" and "Secretariat." How did you get your name?

Many horses are bred locally and exported internationally. Are you an international traveler?

Professional breeders use peculiar breeds of horses to exploit certain traits. What were your progenitors like?

Horses are known for their strong backs. Are you able to haul a lot of weight with your back?

Do you have a slightly arched neck like a Shire horse, or is it straight and sturdy?

Which type of horse temperaments can you best relate to?

Certain horses are designed for long treks, while others are better suited for short distances. How far can you go the distance?

Eventing is an equestrian event where skilled horses can strut their stuff. What talent would you like to strut to the public?

Can you quickly name at least one of your ancestors?

Is your family size shrinking, or are you all thriving like the Quarter Horse population?

"Comanche" and "Sergeant Reckless" were renowned war horses. Did any of your family members do something awesome that you're aware of?

There are monuments of horses in just about every country. Are there any works of art that resemble your image and likeness?

You don't have to look very far to find loads of stamps depicting horses. Have you ever kept a stamp collection?

Do you maintain good posture like a regal stallion?

With close to 10 million horses, the United States has one of the world's largest populations of horses. Are there a lot of members in your family?

There are horse registries that record a tremendous amount of details. How are your record-keeping skills?

The average weight of an adult horse is roughly 1,500 pounds. In spite of their massive builds, some horse breeds can jump as high as eight feet. Do you jump to conclusions?

Some horse lovers believe that you can tell a lot about a horse from its eyes. What do your eyes "say" about you?

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