Quiz: Which Horse Matches Your Personality?
Which Horse Matches Your Personality?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: John M Lund Photography Inc/Digital Vision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Horses: they're innately fascinating to us. Evolving from the lowly, pig-sized eohippus, horses became tall, strong, and strikingly beautiful animals. Of course, they had some help from us humans - we recognized their usefulness and bred them to be our helpers in a variety of important endeavors. This includes exploring and colonizing new territory, hunting, transporting vital goods, and running the farms and ranches that provided us with food. In addition, humans have bred horses for specific recreational activities - racing, of course, and also show jumping and pleasure riding. 

Because of all this, horses have a wide variety of breed characteristics. Need a horse for long, difficult overland trips? Either the Arabian or the Mustang would be useful to you. Spend a lot of time in the saddle every day? The smooth gait and riding comfort of the Tennessee Walker would help. Need to move something really heavy? A drayhorse, like a Percheron or Clydesdale, is the go-to horse. 

All of these varied and remarkable breeds are reflections of the humans who shaped them. So, even if you don't own horses, there's likely a breed that you closely resemble. Uh, in your personality, we mean - not your looks! Find out which one is a match for you with our quiz!

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Which of these historical figures do you most admire?

2 of 30
Which of these living figures do you most admire?

13 of 30
How many children do you have, or want?

15 of 30
Which of these movie genres do you like most?

24 of 30
Which of these cars would you prefer?

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Which of these popular writers' books might you choose for a long plane ride?

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If a book is too heavy to lug around airports and planes, can you pick a magazine instead?

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You've got two weeks off from work and a lot of frequent-flyer miles. Where are you going?

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Your closest friend would most likely describe you as ...?

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