Which Hot Bearded Celebrity Should You Date?

By: Steven Miller
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

While facial hair might be a total turn-off to some, you feel the exact opposite way. There's something about a beard that draws you in and grabs your attention. Maybe you just like a little bit of stubble, a look that says, "I wasn't in the mood to shave today," or maybe you appreciate a full and well-groomed beard that has obviously taken months, maybe even years to reach its current form. Either way and in whatever form, you love the look of a man with facial hair.

While these celebrities may not always be sporting the bearded look, there's no doubt that each of them pulls it off when they do have one. Perhaps it was just for a particular role or as a fun change of pace, but whatever the reason, we're guessing that the imagery of these iconic beards is going to be hard to get out of your mind once you've seen them. In fact, it's likely that you have already begun fantasizing about stroking that beard, feeling the coarse bristles on your fingertips and the pleasurable scratchiness when you go check to cheek with your famous date.

You've probably already got a famous bearded face in mind, let's see if our questions will lead us to that same place.

How big of a beard do you prefer?

Which generation would you put yourself in?

Which sport do you like the most?

Which movie would you rather see?

How much do you like coffee?

Which best describes your fashion style?

Where would you rather go on vacation?

What pace do you like to move at in life?

Do you meditate?

Which word best describes your sense of humor?

Which body type is most appealing to you?

Which NBA team do you like the most?

Which superhero would you rather date?

What kind of restaurant would you rather go to with your date?

Do you expect that you or your date will do most of the talking?

What kind of music are you going to listen to on the way to your date?

Which activity sounds most appealing to you?

Honestly, how weird are you?

Are you attracted to older men?

Which car would you rather your date drove?

Are you more of a homebody or someone who likes to get around town?

Are you attracted to athletes?

Which accent turns you on the most?

Which high school clique would you rather your date came from?

Which color beard would you prefer?

Which show would you rather watch?

Which late night talk show would you rather watch your date on as a guest?

Which genre is most enticing to you?

How late are you going to stay out on your date?

How likely are you to rub the beard at some point during the night?

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