Which Hybrid Dog Breed Should You Adopt?

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Sometimes one look into a dog’s eyes and you’re hooked. There is no other dog for you in the world but this one.

But if you’re not a purely emotional decision maker, you’ll want to consider some challenges your home or household may have adding a canine companion prior to finding that perfect pooch. For instance, if you have a small apartment and a large dog and no yard to exercise it, you may find your adopted puppy has behavior problems because of its lack of exercise and stimulation. If you have toddlers, a high-energy dog may knock them over when the doorbell rings because they are so excited to be the first at the door. And if you’ve had a dog or know people with dogs who constantly complain about daily vacuuming and sweeping due to shedding, you might want to find a dog that doesn’t shed.

Fortunately, there are hybrid dog breeds that give you the best of both breeds. So, if you have a small apartment or a small child, you may want a small breed that doesn’t shed, or may cause allergies in your family members. Then there are those people who want a big dog, so they feel safe jogging around town with a strong, powerful companion, one that is a protector yet gentle and cuddly with the entire family. Then there are people who want a companion that has high energy and can keep up with their pace and lifestyle (and will tire out the kids). There is a hybrid breed just for you, too. Take this quiz and learn more. Your cuddly canine is waiting.

How much do you like to go running?

Do you like to sail?

Where would you walk your dog?

Who will share walking duties with you?

Do you like to go for bike rides?

Do you hunt?

Do you fish?

Do you have any kids?

Do you have allergies?

Do you want to impress people with your dog?

In what environment would you like to spend a vacation?

Which of these is closest to describing your industry?

How many dogs have you owned thusfar?

Is it cruel to keep a large dog in an apartment?

How many times a day are you willing to walk your dog?

How consistent will you be about disciplining your dog?

What is the single most important command your dog can learn?

Do you plan on creating an Instagram account for your dog?

How often will you pay a dog walker to walk your dog?

What will you plan to do with your dog when you go on vacation?

If your dog gets aggressive with someone, what will you say to the object of your dog's ire?

How would you discipline your dog if it bit the hand of a person you were fine with petting it?

Are you deciding between dog breeds or are you also considering a cat?

Leaving aside dogs, what other pets have you owned?

Do you want a dog for protection?

What will you look for in a dog food?

Are you worried about your dog going blind?

How often do you clean your couch?

Do you have a lot of absorbent surfaces in your house?

How long do you want your dog to live?

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