Which Iconic Actress’ Haircut Should You Rock?

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Girls know more than anyone that sometimes there is an unhealthy attachment to your hair. Maybe it's your security blanket or maybe you think it's your best feature as is. But change is good! Especially if you're using an iconic actress as hair inspiration, and there's so many to choose from! Twiggy was a model in the Mod era of the '60s and her hairstyle took the world completely by storm. Then you had Audrey Hepburn with her ladylike pixie cut and even Blake Lively with her long, blonde beach waves.

Yes, actresses have stylists and other famous people to cut and style their hair, but that doesn't mean their hair is completely unattainable. A cut is a cut. If you trust your own hair stylist, you should be able to pull any of these off. No matter which actress you idolize for their hair, which one would you actually emulate in haircut form? And even further, should you do it? Of course you should! We're not here to tell you whether or not you should do it, we're here to help you decide which iconic actress's cut you should get. So which one should it be? Take the quiz now to find out! 

Are you down for a big change with your hair even if it won't change your life?

With this new cut, are you taking a way length or just adding in some layers?

What does your hair look like naturally?

Do you often wear it down or up?

Would you need a cut that can be styled and ready to go in a certain period of time?

Do you think you'd ever color your hair?

Not speaking specifically about hair, are you a risk taker?

Which styling tool would you want to use on your new cut?

What's your must-have hair accessory?

Do you follow hair trends and get yours done accordingly?

Does your haircut have to match your overall style?

What happens if you get your hair cut and hate it?

Do you cut your hair shorter in the summer to keep yourself cool?

How would you describe your current hair style?

Did you ever get gum stuck in your hair as a kid and have to get it cut?

Is your hair the main thing you get complimented on?

Do you care if your haircut "matches" with the shape of your face?

Would you ever change your hair for a significant other?

How often do you get your hair cut?

Do you wash your hair every single day?

What kind of hair products do you use besides shampoo and conditioner?

Would you ever sleep on a silk pillowcase to keep frizz down?

What do you like doing to your hair when you have somewhere special to go?

Do you think you could cut it as a hair model?

What was the worst thing you've ever done to your hair?

Are you capable of shaving off all your hair?

It's girl's night! What are you doing with your hair?

Have you donated your hair to charity before?

What does getting a new haircut do for your self-esteem?

If someone said something negative about your hair, what would you do?

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