Which Jungle Animal Is Your Spirit Animal?

Brian Whitney

Image: Collage; Elephant, Tiger, Sloth

About This Quiz

We all know that it can be a jungle out there, and all of us are just doing our best to survive in it the best we can. What jungle animals spirit lives through you?

What do you do on a typical Saturday?

How healthy do you eat?

Someone just made you mad, what do you do?

What would be a good job for you?

How do you meet people of the opposite sex?

Your friends describe you as...

How would you work out?

What would be doing in the jungle?

What do friends say is your worst quality?

How do you get what you want?

Which of the 7 Deadly Sins would you be?

What do you want more of?

How long could you lay out on the beach before getting bored?

How do you go shopping for food?

Which movie would you watch?

What would be your position in the NFL?

Kids at a playground are...

When do you get up on the weekends?

You just got in trouble at work. Why?

Who are you at the party?

Who would you be in a movie?

You see a wounded animal, what do you do?

You can't figure out how to do a math problem on your homework, what do you do?

The last person that dumped you did so because...

When you were a kid your bedroom was...

What would your self help book be called?

So bananas, what is up with them?

If you could hang out in a tree all day and do nothing, would you?

How often do you look in a mirror?

What are you most likely to get a ticket for?

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