Which Junk Food Are You Based On Your Disney Preferences?

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Disney movies and junk food go together like peas and carrots or a hammer and nails. If you're watching a fun movie, you want to have a fun snack while you're doing so, right? And what could be more fun than a Disney movie? From "Cinderella" to "Toy Story" to the live-action "Beauty and the Beast," Disney knows how to make a movie that captures your imagination and makes you want to watch it over and over again. Even the worst Disney movie is still a pretty fun movie, and not a lot of studios can make that kind of a claim.

Since snacking and movies have such a long history together, maybe we can learn a little bit about who you are based on your Disney preferences. And none of that simple stuff like how old you are or even what kind of job you have, oh no. If you tell us about your Disney preferences we'll take a super deep dive on you and your personality and figure out the most important kind of stuff we can. That's right, we'll tell you what kind of junk food you are, deep down inside. Prepare to be amazed! All you need to do is take the quiz!

There's no reason to beat around the bush. Which of these Disney movies is your favorite?

There's no light without darkness and no best without worst. What's your least favorite Disney movie?

Do you prefer Disney live-action movies, traditional animation or Pixar?

Pixar movies are like Disney movies kicked up a notch. Do you have a favorite?

Disney's been putting some effort into turning their old animated films into live-action ones. Which live-action movie is your favorite?

Not every live-action movie is a remake. Which classic live-action movie is the best one?

What Disney hero is the best of all Disney heroes?

A lot of Disney movies toss in an adorable animal sidekick. Do you have a favorite?

A good comedy sidekick can really make a movie pop. Who's your favorite one?

Disney has more princesses than you can shake a stick at. Tell us which one is best.

What was your go-to show on the Disney Channel?

You're in Orlando. Which park are you going to visit first?

Orlando isn't the only place you'll find a Disney park. Pick an international Disney destination!

Which of the many, many birds that have popped up in Disney movies over the years did you like the most?

You've got seven dwarfs to choose from. Which one do you think you'd have the most fun hanging out with?

Which one of the Beast's servants is the coolest?

Some of Disney's most iconic films come from all the way back in the '40s. Do you have a favorite?

Animation mixed with live-action has been a staple of Disney movies for decades. Do you have a favorite?

Every once in a while the sequel is better than the original. Which Disney sequel is your favorite?

Who's the best duck?

Of all the cats in the Disney universe, which one do you like the most?

How many Disney movie do you think you've seen from their extensive library?

Disney has more than its fair share of memorable villains. Which baddie was the best of the worst?

Is there any Disney movie that always manages to hit you in the feels?

Sometimes a song gets in your head and never leaves. Which Disney movie has the music you can't help but sing along with?

Mickey Mouse has long been the icon of the Disney corporation. Do you have a favorite Mickey appearance?

Do you like dogs? Of course you do! What's the best Disney dog flick?

Is there a magical Disney character you'd like to hang out with?

Some Disney parents are better than others. Which one do you like the most?

Disney and Fox merged, which means Disney now owns some intense new franchises. Which one do you want to see Disney take on?

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