Quiz: Which Kind of Christmas Gift Giver Are You?
Which Kind of Christmas Gift Giver Are You?
By: Brian Whitney

About This Quiz

When some say that it is better to give than to receive, they actually mean it, while other...well not so much. Christmas is right around the corner. Ready to shop?

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Have you ever bought Christmas presents at a drug store?

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How soon do you get excited for Christmas?

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Do you like Christmas music?

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Have you ever taken a photo with Santa as an adult?

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Have you gone caroling?

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Are you a procrastinator?

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Do you get uptight if you pass in an assignment late?

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Do you get excited when stores play Christmas music?

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How much should you spend on Christmas presents for your significant other?

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Do you get bummed out if someone doesn't give you a present as nice as you give them?

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Would you max out your credit cards to buy good presents?

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Do you like Secret Santa at work?

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How much time do you spend wrapping presents?

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Are you often late for work or school?

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Do you have a special hiding spot for people's Christmas presents?

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Overall, what do you think of getting Christmas presents?

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How many Christmas presents have you bought so far this year?

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