Which La Liga Team Would You Play For?

By: Zoe Samuel
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With the ratings success of the 2018 World Cup across the globe, it's clear that soccer has never been more popular. Truly, it's a marvelous sport, and that's not just because it has a place for you even if your only real skill is throwing yourself on the ground in the vicinity of another person and then screaming and grabbing your knee while falsely claiming that they kicked you (folks who do this: you know who you are!). 

No, soccer is also one of the most democratic of sports. If you have $9.99 to spend on a ball, and an open space to play in, you can play. You don't need to be good with your hands - in fact, most positions barely even require you to have working hands. You don't need to be especially fast or talented. As long as you're up for it and willing to mark another player, you can be valuable to your team.

That means an awful lot of people love soccer, and no group more so than Europeans, especially the British, Italians, and Spanish. These are the top three leagues on the planet, attracting players who generally play for their countries when the World Cup rolls around. The Spanish league is our focus today: La Liga, where some of the world's most talented footballers (as they call themselves) can be seen making magic. Which of its teams would suit you?

Do you love the hustle of a big city?

How important is your team winning?

Would you rather be the biggest fish in the smaller pond?

Do you intend to stay for a long time?

How important is it to make silly money?

Would you prefer to transfer in or come via the farm system?

Do you feel like an outsider?

Do you want to live near the seat of power?

Are you a contrarian?

Do you speak Catalan?

Do you love the beach?

How do you feel about mountains?

Does small town life suit you?

Do you need to know there are tapas available 24/7?

How important is being with a storied team to you?

Do you love unusual architecture?

What sort of home do you want to live in?

Will you be raising kids in the area?

What sort of job opportunity should the area offer for your spouse?

What color looks best on you?

Where would you like to have a vacation home?

Would you learn another language to communicate with some of your teammates?

Will you stay in football once you retire as a player?

Do you mind a high cost of living?

How big a stadium is too big?

To which big star player would you like to be compared?

Which national team do you intend to play for?

Who do you want to work for?

What do you want your nickname to evoke?

Do you want to live in a city you might live in even if there wasn't any football in it?

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