Which Legendary American Hero Are You?

Tori Highley

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Growing up in America, most school children learn about our past with stories of legendary heroes. Sitting on carpet squares in the corner of the classroom, with your best friend falling asleep on your shoulder, your school teacher would read you a book about a true American hero. From the folk stories of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox to our modern heroes like Neil Armstrong, picture books, and camp songs have repeated the legends of American heroes since the nation's founding. 

But which of these American stars have you grown up to be? With these legendary heroes in your heart since childhood, there are some pretty big boots to fill. But we know that you are on your way to measuring up to the legacy of these real American legends. By probing your personality and identifying your strengths, we can tell which freedom-fighting hero has most inspired you. 

We already know red, white, and blue runs in your blood, but we don't know who your all-American inspiration has been all these years. Whether you always looked up to Johnny Appleseed or Davy Crockett, find out if you measure up to your legendary role model with our patriotic quiz.

Of the choices available: where would you love to volunteer?

Which of these outdoor activities are you most passionate about?

Which of these businesses would you love to add to your community?

How do you celebrate Independence Day?

What statement best describes what you would do if your sibling needed money for textbooks?

Which of these board games shows off your natural talents?

Which of the four most popular national parks would you love to spend a week exploring?

What was your best subject in high school?

Which of these is the most important room in your house?

Who in your inner circle is your biggest role model?

Which of these classic American novels do you feel is most important for students to read?

Which animal would you have chosen as the nation's symbol?

Which charity would you rather donate to?

Of these options: what is your favorite way to spend extra money?

What is your favorite way to show your friends that you care?

Which of these holidays do you love celebrating most?

How do you enjoy expressing yourself creatively?

Which American classic is your favorite dessert to share?

How do you respond to homeless people asking for spare change?

What region of America do you love living in the most?

Which Founding Father is your favorite?

Which American document do you feel is most important?

Which American vacation spot sounds grand?

Which classic pet is most American to you?

Which place in your ideal community brings everyone together?

If you could move the capitol of America, where would it be?

Which of these character traits is most important to you in a friend?

Which American sport is near and dear to your heart?

Which of these National Monuments do you feel is most significant?

Which Mt. Rushmore president was your favorite?

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