Which "Lord of the Rings" Villain Are You?

Khadija Leon

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Although the movies are over, the memory of a great series lives on. And so does its villains. Which evil-doer from the "Lord of the Rings" do you think you are most like?

Which Middle Earth race would you want to be?

What weapon would you use in battle?

If you had to be on the good guy team, which character would you have been?

Which title do you like the most?

Which realm would you have wanted to rule?

Which creature would you use to be your minion?

Which creature would you ride into battle on?

Which lieutenant is the scariest?

Which race would you destroy first?

If you could kill any member of the Fellowship, who would it be?

Which Elven leader is your biggest foe?

Which realm would you love to live in?

How did you become evil?

Which one item of clothing would you be known to wear in Middle Earth?

What language would you speak/how would you communicate?

Which meat do you think is worthy of a champion after a long-fought battle?

If you were a villain, what would you be best at doing?

If you were a horseman of the apocalypse, which one would you be?

Which Harry Potter villain can you be likened to?

What is your vision like?

Are things black or white?

Do you like wearing lots of jewelry?

Do you ever get lonely?

How are you with pressure?

What do you fear the most?

As a villain, what would be your biggest aspiration?

What would you do if you found the One Ring?

But what would you have your own ring for?

If you were in "Lord of the Rings," how would you die?

Which Lord of the Rings movie was the best?

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