Which Lord of the Rings Villain Is Most Like Your Ex?

Zoe Samuel

Image: Collage; Smau, Sauron, Saruman

About This Quiz

Middle-Earth is certainly populated by awful jerks, but it's got nothing on Tinder. Sadly, some of these horrible people may have made their way into your little black book. Which villain are they most like?

How does your ex handle confrontation?

Where does he or she live?

Is he ever just flat out mean?

Did your friends warn you?

Did he ever keep tabs on where you went and who you spoke to?

Did he lay hands on you?

Was he previously of good standing in the community?

How talented was he?

What should he apologize for first, if you run into him?

Is he sociable?

Does he have a hot temper?

Is he jealous?

Is he controlling?

Is he smart?

Does he have style?

Did he really screw up your social life?

Did he always spoil you?

Was he nice to you but horrible to wait staff and anyone else he thought was lower than him?

Did he have body image issues?

Was he selfish?

Did your family hate him?

Was he noteworthy in his profession?

What did you do when you hung out?

Did he ever justify crappy behavior by whining about his rough upbringing?

Did you leave because you feared he would drag you down with him?

Do his tantrums boggle the mind with their sheer level of entitlement and immaturity?

How destructive is he?

Is he actually not evil, per se, just very wrong for you?

Was he all take and no give?

Did he crack under pressure?

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