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The laughs were non-stop in this dramatic comedy mainly because the cast of characters were so well-written and well-acted. Just say the name of the character, and a host of hilarious situations and one-liners come to mind. Hot Lips, Hawkeye, B.J. Radar, and Klinger will be bright stars in our minds forever. And it wasn't always the humans that took the spotlight. Don't forget Sophie the horse played a reoccurring role! 

"M*A*S*H," one of the longest-running TV series, broke the mold in so many ways. For instance, it was one of the first to use the half-hour format to stage dual plot lines. It also effortlessly balanced the line between the deadly serious and the completely bonkers. 

This bittersweet mixture recognized the truth of everyday life. No matter how silly the characters' and situations became, the ability to flip the switch was always at the ready for the characters. They were firmly grounded in the horrors of the situation around them. 

Whether you remember who called the United States to order ribs or who craved tomato juice so much the entire platoon scrambled to get it, the memories alone are worth taking this quiz. You'll enjoy recalling the answers as much as watching the show. Start now. 

Which character takes up the practice of voodoo in hopes of getting kicked out of the Army?

Klinger resorts to all sorts of wacky plans in hopes of getting a Section 8. But the voodoo plan only prickles the thick hides of Army officials.


Which character buys a fake set of pearls for Margaret?

Frank, ever the slimeball, buys two sets of pearls. The real ones are for his wife. The other set is for Margaret, his mistress.


Which character decides to remain in Korea to marry a local resident?

Oh, love is a strange brew. Once hellbent on getting out of Korean by any means possible, Klinger falls in love with Soon-Li, and the two decide to marry.


Which character starts a long affair with Margaret?

Frank is married … but that doesn't stop him from starting a relationship with Margaret in Korea. They quickly become the most insufferable couple in the 4077th.


Which character adopts a horse named Sophie?

Colonel Potter is an animal lover, and he augments his days at the 4077th by taking in a horse named Sophie. The horse makes numerous appearances in the show.


While Hawkeye is on R&R, ____ goes home.

Hawkeye is resting in Seoul when Trapper gets his discharge papers. He's distraught when he realizes he didn't get to say goodbye to Trapper.


_____ often finds comfort in a teddy bear.

Thousands of miles from home and struggling with life in a war zone, Radar finds comfort in his battered teddy bear. By the end of his tour, Radar won't need his plush friend anymore.


Which character becomes engaged to a man named Donald?

Margaret often mentions marital drama with her fiance Donald. In the end, their union is doomed.


During a terrible cold snap, which character obtains a fancy polar suit that keeps him/her comfortable while everyone else suffers?

Charles, of course, loves to rub everyone else's noses in his triumphs. So when he receives a nice warm polar outfit, he can't help but show it off in front of the rest of the camp.


Sick of the terrible Army food, ____ orders BBQ ribs from the United States and plans to have them delivered to Korea.

The gang can't handle the awful Army food anymore, so Hawkeye goes on rampage, ordering ribs from a Chicago restaurant. He plans to have them delivered via helicopter.


Which character loses his/her hearing in the very last episode?

In "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen," a freak accident causes the Father to lose his hearing. He begins to re-evalute the way he wants to live the rest of his life.


Which character was named after BOTH of his parents?

You know your parents didn't like you when they name you after themselves. B.J. stands for "Bea" and "Jay," his parents … and Hawkeye can't stop laughing.


Which character was sometimes called "Hot Lips"?

Margaret's character makes a drastic shift in the course of the show's 11 seasons. At the beginning, she's "Hot Lips," a rather shallow creature. By the final episode, she's more "Margaret," a hard-nosed woman with a soft side.


After a terrible Jeep accident, which character spends much of an episode speaking gibberish to a Korean family that has no idea what's going on?

After a Jeep accident, Hawkeye realizes that he has a concussion. To keep himself awake, he offers a nonsensical monologue to a local family that can't even understand English.


Which character steals an officer's gun?

Frank's the only one crooked enough to steal an officer's gun. But Hawkeye and B.J. convince him to give it up.


In "Run for the Money," after an Olympic runner fails to appear, which character steps up to run a footrace against another camp?

You'd never catch Hawkeye running unless he was heading for a bottle of gin. Father Mulcahy, however, decides to don his sneakers to redeem the 4077th in a big race.


Margaret and Frank try to have ____ arrested so that Frank can command the camp.

Using trumped-up charges against Henry, Margaret and Frank hope to derail their commander and install Frank as the new leader. Their plot ultimately winds up in flames.


Scarred by the horrors of war, which character begins sleepwalking all over camp?

Seeing young people blown apart by bombs and bullets messes with Hawkeye's mind. He begins sleepwalking and requires therapy in order to stop the behavior.


A stove explosion hurts this character, leaving him/her potentially blind.

Hawkeye tries to fix a stove, the but device literally explodes in his face. He's left wondering if he'll ever be able to see again.


Which character is bitten by a dog, setting off a frantic search for the animal?

Radar is bitten by a dog, and its teeth break his skin. The camp sets off in search of the dog to determine whether the animal is rabid.


The members of the 4077th throw a party for which person to celebrate the final payment of a home mortgage back in the States?

Colonel Potter's wife Mildred tells her husband that the last payment has been made on their home mortgage. To celebrate, the gang throws a huge party.


Tired of listening to stories about Trapper's amazing practical joke skills, _____ sets out to prove that he's just as funny.

All day long, B.J. has to hear stories about how funny Trapper John was. So he goes on a pranking spree to show that he's just as funny.


Saddened by the news that his ex-wife is going to remarry, ____ decides to re-enlist for another six years.

Klinger clearly hasn't let go of his feelings for his ex-wife, so when he learns that she's going to get married again, he figures his life is all but over. He decides to re-enlist for another six years.


In one episode, which character is really craving tomato juice?

Colonel Potter says he'd really love some tomato juice. His simple craving sets off a scramble by the other characters to locate the delicious concoction for him.


Which character is stricken by a sneezing fit that has no apparent cause?

In "Bless You, Hawkeye," Hawkeye has uncontrollable sneezing fits for no apparent reason. A therapist tries to help him figure out the cause.


Which character returns from Tokyo and announces that he's in love with a 20-year-old woman named Nancy Sue?

After a wild affair in Tokyo, Henry returns to camp and says he's in love with a much younger woman. But their passions aren't made to last.


Which character falls in love with Sooni at Rosie's Bar?

Charles visits Rosie's Bar and falls for a girl named Sooni. There's just one catch -- she's a hooker.


A football star is wounded and his leg is amputated. Which character offers comfort?

Billy Tyler thinks his life is over after he loses his leg. But Radar offers his condolences and Billy decides that he needs to find a way to move on.


Which character realizes that a soldier shot himself to avoid combat?

Frank observes a soldier who clearly shot himself in order to escape the horrors of combat. He's left wondering whether he should report the incident.


After being turned down for a prestigious medical position in the States, ____ refuses to speak to anyone in camp.

Charles has a bit of an ego, and he's enormously deflated when he's shunned for a lofty doctor position in the States. He responds by refusing to speak to anyone.


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