Which Medieval Knight Are You?

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Way back in the year 476 AD the Middle Ages, what we like to call medieval times, started. That was when the Roman Empire fell, in case you weren't so sure why it was such a random date and we didn't round it up to 500 or something. Everything you know or think you know about knights and chivalry and the whole medieval aesthetic that lives on in fantasy fiction began. It must have been a very interesting time to be alive. And if you were alive during it there were few things you could do that were more interesting than being a knight. These were the warriors of the age, the heroes. They traveled the world fighting in campaigns, risking life and limb to swing a sword for their chosen kings.

There were likely thousands of knights whose names we'll never know in the present, but a few have lived on through their deeds for better or for worse. The era inspired tales of fictional knights and also fictional tales of real knights.  Whatever kind of knight we're talking about, though, odds are they had an amazing story. Think any of those stories match up with your own? Let us be your faithful squire as you take the quiz and find out!

You can easily pick a knight out of a crowd thanks to their suit of armor and their weapon. Let's start with your weapon. Choose one!

Any good knight needs to protect their neck. What helmet are you wearing?

For what reason would you take up the sword?

You can hardly ride into battle on a bicycle. You need a horse! Pick one.

By the way, you should probably name your horse. Have a favorite?

You don't have to limit yourself to a sword as a knight. What other weapon will help you win the day?

Are you leading armies or joining them?

What's a good age to start your life as a knight?

As a knight, do you have any particular code of ethics?

Should you break a rule if you don't agree with it?

Is it better to be good or to be right?

How do you handle someone who insults your honor?

Who's the greatest knight in all of fiction?

What's a good way to wind down after a hard day of knighting?

What do you do on the battlefield if it looks like your side is facing defeat?

How are your jousting skills?

Knights often fight for the honor of a lady. Will you?

Does the king know best?

Some medieval wars last a very, very long time. Doesn't that get tiring eventually?

Many an author has covered the world of medieval times in books. Who was the best one?

If you didn't have time to read the books maybe you caught the movie. Favorite movie about a knight?

Is it better to have a small but skilled army or a large but less-skilled army?

What's the most important part of an army on the battlefield?

Do you ever second guess your decisions?

How important is personal glory?

Knights are generally pretty heroic, but then again so are superheroes. Which one do you relate to most?

What happens when you're too old to be a knight?

Very few people actually became knights in medieval times. Which of these jobs would you have fallen back on?

Medieval Europe had a lot to offer a knight if you knew where to go. Where would you go?

What symbol would look good on your coat of arms?

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