Which Metal Song Is Your Anthem for Getting Down?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

When it comes the time to party, which Metal anthem does it for you? Which one makes you want to party like there's no tomorrow? Whether you prefer a Metallica tune or you like something catchier like Poison, learning about the way you live your life will help us get the bottom of the Metal song that makes you want to get right down.

There's nothing that says party like Metal song being heard turned all the way up to 11. You might not need "Nothin' But A Good Time," during your everyday life, but when you hear your Metal anthem, the whole game changes. As we go through this quiz, we are going to get to know your personality and your musical tastes. We'll also take a look at your party style the way you like to get down. 

Once we've gathered enough information to pair you with a Metal song, we'll dig a little deeper and figure out which one makes you want to throw up your horns. Will it be something that is considered classic Metal or something from today's top charts? 

If it's not already your Metal song for partying, it will be by the time we're done! Are you ready to find out?

What do you prefer to drink at parties?

Which classic rock band do you enjoy most?

If you were in a Metal band, what would you play?

How many band t-shirts do you own?

Where do you listen to music the most?

How do you feel about Mastodon?

Which singer do you think has the best pipes?

Which pop singer should cover a Metallica song?

When is the last time you saw a concert?

Which Poison song do you like most?

Which '90s band did you enjoy most?

What do you think people like most about you?

Which kind of liquor do you like most?

Which punk band do you enjoy most?

Do you have long hair?

How do you deal with hangovers?

Have you ever had a one-night stand?

Which legendary guitarist do you think is most talented?

Which guitar brand looks the best?

Do you wear earplugs to concerts?

Do you prefer Megadeth or Metallica?

Do you have any musical talent?

Which hair metal band do you like most?

Do you remember the band Slaughter?

Which dish would you take to a Metal potluck?

Which of your traits is most dominant?

Where would you prefer to see your favorite Metal band?

How do you start a night of partying out?

What band do you like the least?

How would you describe your taste in music?

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