Which Michael Jackson Song Are You?

Olivia Cantor

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Michael Jackson is the undisputed King of Pop, even now that he has gone away from earth for good. But it's his great music that lives on, and his legacy even goes beyond his musical artistry. There is a great reason why the MTV channel named an award after him, called the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. His artistry definitely spills over from audio to audiovisual. His music videos revolutionized the way music videos are crafted, created, conceptualized, and even perceived. That's why his magnanimous contribution is not ignored in this area of the entertainment industry.

But going back to his music and his artistry, there's no doubt that Michael Jackson became one of the most recognized musicians on earth because his music speaks to many kinds of people and situations out there. While it started in the very pop way of singing with his brothers when he was little, to becoming a solo artist on his own, Michael has collaborated with so many musical geniuses of this lifetime that helped him produce such great songs, at the same time penning his own.

So, do you think you can feel the vibe of one of his songs in your personality? Try to take this quiz, and let's see just what kind of MJ song you are! 

Are you cool with a hard rocking guitarist like Slash perform with The King of Pop?

Do you like Halloween season?

Do you like reminiscing about the time you fell in love?

Are you concerned with world peace?

Are you cool with interracial relationships?

Do you like going out on movie dates?

Are you a fan of ancient Egyptian looks and dress-ups?

Do you mind seeing images of sick children in a music video?

Can you appreciate different dance moves from various cultures?

Are you a fan of horror movies?

Do you spend time thinking why a great love affair ended in your past?

Do you believe that there's a place in your heart for love?

Are you a fan of Macaulay Culkin's kiddie appearances back in the day?

Do you know who Vincent Price is?

Do you like basketball legends like Magic Johnson appearing in MJ's music videos?

Do you care enough for the living, to help them out?

Do you like your pop music tunes with a bit of rock sounds in them?

Would you participate in a public synchronized dancing stunt?

Are you cool with legendary comedians like Eddie Murphy making cameos in MJ's videos?

Are you concerned about people dying, especially from war?

Do you like watching music videos with popular actors appearing on them?

Are you always scared of something evil lurking from the dark?

Do you like MJ's music videos where he performs magic tricks?

Are you hopeful that, together, everyone can make the world a better place?

Do you like Michael Jackson's getup of black pants and white shirt?

While you may or may not like Halloween stuff, do you endorse a belief in the occult?

When you're in love, do you like to stay on the phone at night 'til dawn, chatting with the object of your affection?

Are you concerned with environmental degradation?

Do you prefer MJ singing ballads or upbeat songs?

Do you prefer watching MJ videos where he's not dancing?

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