Which Military Aircraft Are You Meant to Fly?

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The military has the best toys. Tiny pistols. Huge railguns. Fast, amphibious boats. Huge nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. By far, the best toys are the aircraft.

Military aircraft are highly specialized machinery. Some are designed for search and rescue. Some are designed for combat. Some are designed for simple transport and others for incredibly narrow missions. Aircraft include everything from ultralights to helicopters, to two-seaters, to long-legged C-130s which can carry tanks anywhere in the world. Pilots are required to have special talents for each of these aircraft, because each one has its own feel and, given its mission, its own requirements.

The elements that make up combat awareness lend themselves to the layout of an F-18 by design, but some aircraft still in service were drawn up long before "form follows function" was the governing philosophy at places like Lockheed and General Dynamics.

What is fascinating is that while some technology has changed the game in shocking ways, some of the old ways still stick around, because some time around WWII someone invented something we just haven't improved on. Could you handle flying a stone age plane into a combat zone?

Take stock of your qualities, your skills and even your height! Do you have the right stuff to skip across the stratosphere, or will you be ferrying VIPs around in a chopper? Take this quiz and find out!

What would be the perfect Christmas gift for you?

How tall are you?

Do you like to travel?

Do you mind heat?

How important to you is your personal safety?

What's your preferred mindless activity?

What would you use a telescope for?

What kind of movies do you like best?

How big a team do you like to work with?

How often do you replace your phone?

How do you usually set up your work space?

Do you like the idea of working a specialist job?

Do you mind having to keep secrets when you could otherwise use them for self-aggrandizement?

What's your dream car?

Which war do you find the most interesting?

Have you ever been in hand-to-hand combat?

How high is your IQ?

Do you have a strong stomach for violence?

How afraid are you of untested technology?

When you aren't flying, how important is it that you're close to a major entertainment center?

Do you want battlefield glory?

Do you want to slide straight into a job in the private sector when you retire?

Do you mind if your job isn't exactly beloved by civilians?

Do you want to work in espionage?

Which of James Bond's things would you like the most?

How calm are you when you are in danger?

How fast are your reflexes?

How good are you at operating alone, without the help and guidance of a supervising officer?

How would you feel about having to execute a corkscrew landing into a combat zone?

Can you withstand high G-forces?

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