Which Military Branch Should You Enlist In?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

You might be just curious about where you would fit in the military, or you could be seriously considering enlisting. No matter where you stand, we hope you are at full attention! Use all of the skills you think might be useful to the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines or Air Force, and we'll let you know which branch is right for you. 

Every branch of the military has a different set of requirements and standards. Before we put the quiz together for you, we familiarized ourselves with the expectations that each one has. From the physical fitness level required by the Marines to the intelligence scores demanded by the Air Force, each of our questions will help place you with the right branch. 

Few people join the military to only complete one tour of duty, but it happens all the time. We think that entering the wrong branch is responsible for service members leaving before retirement. By taking this quiz, you are setting yourself up for a career spent serving your country! 

Will you be best suited for the branch you've always thought about joining, or will you need to rethink your plans? March through this quiz, and well tell you! Are you ready to "Fly, fight, win?"

Why do you want to join the military?

Would you rather drive a military Jeep or a military Hummer?

Do you know how to iron a uniform?

If you encountered a bear while hiking, what would you do?

Which of these things do you always carry with you?

Do you sleep with one eye open?

Which branch of the military do you respect more than the others?

Could you bench press your own body weight?

Which of your personality traits would make you a good soldier?

There's a hurricane blowing straight toward you - what do you do?

Which of these MREs would you take for lunch next week?

Do you own any camouflage clothing?

Are you a better hunter or a better fisher?

If you woke up on a deserted island, what would you do first?

What is your favorite part of camping?

When you were young, what did you most want to be?

How would you feel about giving orders to others?

What letter grade do you think you would get in boot camp?

Would you rather work alone or in a team?

Which of these military slogans sums you up best?

If you could give yourself a rank, which one would it be?

Do you think more like a fighter pilot or a taxi driver?

Have you already talked to a recruiter?

Are you an expert marksman?

How would you describe the state of your bedroom?

When you watch the news, how do you feel?

Which of these virtues do you try to live by?

Are you physically or mentally stronger?

Which country's military bases would you like to tour?

Would you friends say that you are patriotic?

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