Which Morgan Freeman Character Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

Image: Collage; God, Lucius Fox, Ned Logan

About This Quiz

Morgan Freeman has been in movies since time immemorial. He is a beloved actor, having played dozens of characters, but each one was uniquely him in some way. Let's see which one you are.

Who are your friends?

Do you have enemies?

Do you consider yourself good?

What do your colleagues think of you?

Do you have a job?

Are you good at your job?

Is your job dangerous?

What are the odds you'll survive?

Do you surround yourself with good people?

Do you have any kids?

Do you try to do the right thing?

Are you a good mentor?

How powerful are you?

Do you rely on a younger man?

Do you have respect for that younger man?

Have you done things you regret?

How often do you lie to those closest to you?

Does your job make you feel powerful?

Do you deserve punishment for the things you've done?

How heroic are you?

Which character can you relate to?

Have you ever explicitly endorsed something awful?

How likely is there to be a book about you?

Which song most resonates with you?

How many people are you responsible for?

Do you believe in second chances?

How essential are you to the story?

Could your role just as easily be played by another actor?

How shocked would someone be if they found out who you are?

Do you make anything?

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