Which Nathan Fillion Should You Date?

Emily Maggrett

Image: Wiki Commons by Gage Skidmore

About This Quiz

In a hypothetical universe where every fictional character Nathan Fillion has ever played existed in real life (and simultaneously), which Nathan Fillion would you date? Would you prefer to go out with intrepid "Firefly" Nathan Fillion, or does smarty-pants "Castle" Nathan Fillion make you swoon? Do you dream of being protected by sweet, handsome "Slither" Nathan Fillion? Or does Fillion's hilarious Dogberry in "Much Ado About Nothing" make your heart go pitter-patter?

In this important psychological quiz, we're going to help you settle the age-old question of which Nathan Fillion is right for you. Along the way, we'll interrogate you about how you see your life with Nathan Fillion going. Where shall you dwell? What kind of pies will he bake you? Which brand of conditioner will you massage into his amazing hair?

If you've ever awoken from troubled dreams in the middle of the night, heart pounding, mouth dry, your brain crawling with unanswered questions about which Nathan Fillion you should pursue, this quiz can put an end to your soul-searching. Ready to embark on the Nathan Fillion-themed journey of a lifetime? It's time to pull up a chair, put your phone on mute and play the gorram heck out of this quiz!

What kind of boyfriend are you looking for? Thoughtful, impulsive, saucy or ... ?

Would you consider dating a Nathan Fillion with a kid, or is that a deal-breaker?

On a typical day, which Joss Whedon heroine do you dress the most like?

In your opinion, what's Nathan Fillion's best feature? We realize he has a lot of great features, but can you narrow it down?

Would you rather fight evil or date evil?

In a bleak future where space resembles the Wild West, what do you think your profession would be?

Once you become Nathan Fillion's girlfriend, which brand of conditioner will you use on his flowing honey-blonde locks?

Are you addicted to true crime podcasts? If Nathan Fillion gave you the opportunity, do you believe you could effectively solve crimes?

What's your moral alignment?

If you were taking Nathan Fillion on a Valentine's Day date, where would you go?

Do you like a guy with an accent? Specifically, which accent would you prefer Nathan Fillion to use when speaking to you?

Now that you and Nathan Fillion are a couple, which of his character names do you use as a cute nickname for him?

We all get sad from time to time, especially when we think about how we're not dating Nathan Fillion IRL. What kind of books do you read when you need to forget your troubles?

If you could ask Nathan Fillion to make you any kind of pie, which pie would you pick?

When it comes to guys, do you prefer intellectually oriented Nathan Fillions, emotionally oriented Nathan Fillions or physically oriented Nathan Fillions?

Let's say you get married to Nathan Fillion. What will your house look like?

Do you have a favorite Nathan Fillion character quote? What is it?

How long would you want your marriage to Nathan Fillion to last?

If you and Nathan Fillion were throwing a party together, which of his celebrity friends would you be most excited to meet?

Be honest: If Nathan Fillion offered to give you a piggy-back ride, would you say yes?

If you could bring back any '90s clothing trend, which one would you choose?

What's your favorite "Dr. Horrible" song?

Nathan Fillion asks you to pick out his outfit for the day. How do you dress him?

Remember "Buffy"? Are you a Buffy, a Willow or a Cordelia?

If Nathan Fillion were to pay you a compliment, what would you want him to say?

In your opinion, who's the best Oscars host of all time?

Is Nathan Fillion attractive because he looks like a young Harrison Ford or because he looks like Jason Bateman?

Please describe yourself. Are you the cynical, streetwise type, or are you innocent yet wise?

Who's your favorite TV writer?

Why do you think Nathan Fillion has such perfect hair? Seriously, how does he do it?

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