Quiz: Which Nativity Scene Character Are You?
Which Nativity Scene Character Are You?
By: Pierre Roustan
Image: cstar55 / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

The classic scene says it all – it’s all about giving, joy, togetherness. Christmas came about all because of a little baby boy born in a manger surrounded by not only a few angels, but donkeys and sheep to boot. After all, he turned into the shepherd – for mankind. This is why families all over tend to celebrate Christmas not just with ham, turkey and other fix-ins, but with that clever display featuring the birth of Christ in all its glory. 

What many tend to not think about, though, is just how it relates to them personally. Who are you during this magical time? What are your best qualities? What do you care about the most? Ask yourself that ultimate immortal question: which nativity scene character are you? 

This quiz will determine just which one you are, because that makes all the difference. You then identify as someone unique in this big jigsaw puzzle called the world as we magnify it down to that manger on one night: December 25. We’re no longer just specks in the universe. We’re gathered. We’re focused. And when you finish this quiz, you’ll know just how focused you really are. Have yourself a merry Christmas and enjoy!

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What kind of Christmas tree ornaments do you like best?

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How do you feel about the Grinch?

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Which Charles Dickens character are you?

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Have you been caught sneaking a look at the presents?

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What has Christmas meant to you and will always mean to you?

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