Which Natural Disaster Describes Your Love Life Right Now?

Ian Fortey

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Humans have a very bizarre relationship with natural disasters. If you're at ground zero for a massive hurricane, if you've experienced flooding or wildfires or been at the epicenter of a powerful earthquake, then you know what a nightmare scenario all of these forces beyond our control can represent. Held at a distance, however, it seems like we find them endlessly fascinating.

We make movies about natural disasters, the way we fight against them and the heroes who rise to the occasion. We use them as a backdrop to define greatness in ourselves. It's a regular pattern you can track through fiction with movies like "Volcano" and "Twister" and "San Andreas." But do you think it could be used to define anything else about the human experience?

We often describe people as disasters if their lives are a mess. What about if we were talking about your love life? Is there a correlation between the way your intimate relationships have been unfolding and developing and the way nature's wrath lets loose on people without provocation or warning? You better believe there is! If you've also felt your love life was a little out of control, now's the time to see which natural diaster it truly is. Take the quiz!

Have you ever felt jealous of a good friend's relationship?

What's the best movie you've ever seen about a natural disaster?

If you were going through a rough patch with a partner, how would you handle it?

Any chance you have a 'friends with benefits' relationship?

Have you ever bought and worn an article of clothing just to turn someone else on?

Could you forgive someone for cheating on you?

When you're seeing someone, how many texts are you sending them during a typical day?

A date takes you to a fast food place for some burgers. Is there going to be a second date?

How many relationships have you had that you'd consider serious?

Are you a fan of sexting?

All thing being equal, how's your seduction game?

Does thunder and lightning make you nervous?

What do you think people find most attractive about you?

Which city would be the best place to spark some romance?

How do you feel about monogamy?

Have you ever made out in the back of a movie theater?

How many partners have you had in your life?

If you're dancing with someone at a club, are you willing to get pretty sexy, even if you barely know them?

If your love life was a menu item from McDonald's, what would it be?

What happens to you more often, love at first sight or lust at first sight?

When you're out and about with someone, is PDA acceptable?

How many nights do you go out in an average week?

Has anyone ever used your sexuality and views on sex to try to insult you?

Do you think, on average, people are too uptight about sex?

Would you ever use an app like Tinder to hook up?

Is your love life today the best or the worst it has ever been?

After a disaster, people need disaster relief. What kind of relief do you crave?

Would you trade your love life for the kind of love life any of your friends have?

How important is sex in a relationship?

How many dates do you usually go on with a person before things get intimate?

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