Which NBA Superstar Would You Form the Best Duo With?

Kevin Fritz

Image: Youtube by NBA

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As kids, most basketball players daydream about being a sports superstar. They want to make that winning shot as the clock expires, carrying the team to victory and being the toast of the town. Of course, that strata is limited to very few individuals. Reaching stardom in the NBA is a challenging task. Nonetheless, we can still fantasize about being that guy.

True basketball fans know it is the legends of the game who keep the fans coming back and have made the sport so exciting through the years. In the past there were fewer stars, and many of them are enshrined into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Larry Bird come to mind, as does Magic Johnson. They laid the groundwork for the level of basketball we see today—and its popularity. Now, almost every NBA team is graced with a star, some with superstars and others with first ballot Hall-of -Famers when all is said and done.

Whether you are a basketball player or simply a fan, it is fun to imagine who would be your best match in the star world of hoops. That is, if you were to play, which superstar would you form the best duo with on and off the court? Who would be your BFF, your wingman, your partner in crime? It’s time to find out.

What college would you rather attend?

How tall would you like to be?

Which of these cities do you like the most?

What month you were born closest to?

Which number is closest to your age?

What is your favorite basketball shot?

Could you shoot a three-pointer?

Would you be a good defensive player?

If you played, how many points would you average per game?

How many rebounds would you average per game?

What would you like your weight to be?

Which is your favorite NBA team?

Which position would you play on the court?

If you were drafted into the NBA, what team would you like to play for?

How many times would you be named MVP?

How good would you be at making free throws?

How good would you be at making baskets?

Which brand would you endorse?

What is your second favorite city?

How would you rank compared to other players?

In the playoffs, players lose their cool. How many technical fouls would you receive?

How many triple-doubles could you pull off in the playoffs?

What would be your shooting percentage in the playoffs?

What type of player would you be in the NBA?

Palm trees or cold and snow?

What would you like your salary to be as a superstar?

What color do you look good in?

Which of these numbers is your favorite?

Which food strikes your fancy?

What characteristics would describe your ideal teammate?

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