Which Norse God or Goddess Reflects Your Soul?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Have you ever felt like you were greater than the circumstances of your birth? You're not alone. The Norse were born in a beautiful if challenging to cultivate land far from the intense interest of the Roman Empire and its cultural inheritors. They decided it was time to go big or go home, and if anything, the Vikings were not about going home! 

The Norse invented gods with extreme qualities. They invented the Aesir (or as Marvel has decided to refer to them, "Asgardians") and the Ice Giants, dwarves, elves, the works. The Norse pantheon was more Dungeons and Dragons than its Roman and Greek counterparts, and in many ways, more interesting.

So what sort of person are you? Are you, like the Vikings, easy to compare to the Norse gods and goddesses, or are you a harder person to pinpoint? We have come up with a quiz, taking full advantage of every advance in archaeology, anthropology, and the study of the Norse religion to decide which Norse god or goddess is like you, and vice versa.

Do you dare to know if you are one of the heroic gods or one of the ones who give children nightmares? Are you a god who is useful every day, or one who only comes up at the end of the world? Take this quiz and find out!

Which of these omens would you find most comforting before a big day?

Thor left his hammer Mjollnir on your coat, and obviously, you can't pick it up. Do you wake him from his nap?

Which of these four magical creations do you wish you possessed?

If Loki showed up one night and asked for your help with a prank on Odin, what would you say?

If you could ask a question to just one of the Norns, who would you choose to ask?

Which area might you settle once you've raided enough to set yourself up?

What would you always remember to offer to the gods?

Which son of Odin do you think you'd be best buds with?

Odin sacrificed his right eye to drink from Mimir's well and gain wisdom. What would you sacrifice to drink from the well?

Which weapon would you want on a Viking raid?

You are going to need a shield when it comes to Ragnarok. What style would you prefer to carry into battle?

What is the centerpiece of your ideal feast?

Which of these beloved steeds would you trust in battle?

If your sister was blessed with the arrival of a baby girl, what would you suggest she name the child?

Which of these Viking crafts would you make your trade?

Which navigation tool would you want if you were sailing to a far off land, to raid and pillage?

Vikings owe a lot of their success to their ship building skills. How do you feel about sailing?

What gift would you ask the gods and goddesses to bestow upon you?

Which of these other pantheons do you feel connected to as well?

If Odin told you that Ragnarok was imminent, but made you keep it a secret, what would you do?

What Viking beverage quenches your thirst best?

Which realm would you rather have command of?

What is the last sight you wish to see before the Valkyrie fly you away to Valhalla?

How often do you lash out at the people who frustrate you?

If Freya invited you out to party with the gods the night before your wedding, would you join her?

How good a judge of character are you?

When a bard comes into town, which skills do you most appreciate from them?

What is the virtue, held by the Vikings, that you most admire?

Do you think the Norse gods get a raw deal since they all know what will happen to them at Ragnarok?

What great thing would you like to be said about you in the epic poem of your life?

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