Which of Jesus’s Disciples Are You?

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About This Quiz

There's a disciple of Jesus that you are most like and we're going to help you discover who it is. Take a moment to think about those traits that others have commented on, in and out of the church. Plug those and your personal observations into our Jesus disciple personality survey, and we'll reveal the best possible disciple match.

Jesus would not have been able to accomplish his work if it weren't for the disciples who shadowed his moves. The end game (at least on Earth) for the Son of God was to set a stellar example for those who would drop everything and follow him. Consider that the Matthews, Marks, Lukes and Johns of old were all fashioned to be examples of how to follow the only true example. Without the disciples, Jesus's divine status might have discouraged flesh-and bone followers who would never reach his level. 

The disciples were the ones who showed that through Christ, mere humans could do the impossible. Peter walked on water, just as Jesus did, but the human emotion of fear caused him to sink. But Peter was still able to walk on water! John, the beloved disciple, and Peter both performed the first apostolic miracle when they healed the lame man at the gate of the temple called Beautiful. Just as the disciples took on the example of Christ, we too are encouraged to take on the example because the disciples proved it can be done!

Take this quiz and let us prove that we have the tools that it takes to mirror the right Jesus disciple for you!

Do you consider yourself a natural-born leader?

If you ever question authority, do you hesitate to utter your honest thoughts?

Does anyone in your life seek your validation?

Would you say that you make the majority of your decisions based on logic or emotion?

Are you a good follower?

When was the last time that an authority figure included you in an important meeting?

Do you readily admit when you're wrong?

Has an expert ever taken the time to show you how to do their craft?

How would you describe your previous job?

Is it odd for you to hang out with your boss?

If you have any siblings, are they religious?

How important is your religious teacher to you?

Do you keep a diary?

Have you ever shamelessly mimicked someone else's words?

Do you agree with the expression: "Nice guys finish last"?

Can your religious teacher do no wrong?

Are you a fan of biblical history?

As a child, did your Bible school teacher ever have you monitor the class in their absence?

Did you ever unintentionally create something that ended up being impactful?

How would you describe your best talent?

Is loyalty important to you?

Are you entrusted with a task that's never been done before?

Are you resourceful when it comes to Christian leadership?

At special events, do organizers reserve special seating or other accommodations for you?

Which of these character traits do you exhibit the most when on the pulpit: bold, shy or confident?

What is your level of humility as an authority of Christ?

Do your fellow church members seek you out for answers?

What is the riskiest thing that you've ever done to compete for your teacher's favor?

Are you more talkative around church authority figures or your fellow members?

Has anyone ever been amazed by your level of faith?

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