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Black and white. Cold and warm. Light and dark. Courage and fear. Careful and careless. Bitter and sweet. Easy enough, right? Well, these are all opposites. But when you have a list of similar words, with the exception of one, does it get harder?

Here’s what we’ve done: We did our research and pulled together a list of words that have something in common and then threw in there an outlier. It’s fun and it also tests your knowledge. It’s true what they say: sometimes the most obvious things are completely invisible (or in this case, the mind).

Anyway, we have a list of funny and interesting historical, geographical and even theatrical facts for you to read through and identify which is the “intruder” among the synonyms/related words. There’s that one option that doesn’t belong, and it's your job to find it and flag it to see what score you can get on this quiz.

So, are you up for the challenge? Grab a drink, some snacks and get comfortable! Which of the following words is not like the others? Take this quiz and test your knowledge!

Which of the following words is not like the other?

Out of the words listed above, “cute” is the one word that would not fit in with the rest. Why? Easy! It’s not an abbreviation, it’s an actual word unlike the others (oh my God, laughing out loud and what the f***).


All of these countries are within the same continent except for one. Which one doesn’t belong here?

Well, the good thing is that Italy is indeed a country. However, they’re not all in the same continent. Canada, Mexico and USA are all in the Western Hemisphere except for Italy, which is located in Europe.


In English class you were taught about prepositions. Which one of the following doesn’t qualify?

Talk about a throwback! Back in English class, you were taught about prepositions (of, within, beyond, through, following, etc). Do, on the other hand, is a verb and therefore isn't a preposition.


Nothing like sitting down with a bunch of buddies around the TV on a Sunday to watch the game. Which of the following would you not watch during NFL season?

NFL season begins September and usually ends in February. Baseball season usually begins in the spring, and only then can you watch the Nationals.


All of these actors have had the great honor of playing the fictional superhero Batman, except for who?

There is a great list with great actors who have had the honor of playing the superhero of many children. However, that honor was never bestowed upon Brad Pitt, who has played many other great roles.


Do you remember your prime numbers from math class? Which one doesn’t belong?

You might remember that a prime number is a positive integer that has exactly two positive integer factors, 1 and the number itself. Therefore, from the above, 6 is the only number that doesn’t qualify as a prime number.


Do you remember your geography well? Which of the following is not a capital?

If you haven’t seen these cities yet, you should plan to visit soon because they’re all beautiful. And although Barcelona is not a capital, it is an absolutely beautiful city full of art and architecture.


Singing shows can be entertaining and fun to watch. Can you identify who of the following was not an American Idol winner?

Although Jennifer Hudson rose to fame, she was not an American Idol winner. Her opponent, Fantasia Barrino, was Season 3’s winner, but Hudson still gained a lot of popularity after the show.


There have been a lot of great theatre shows. Which of the following didn’t make it to Broadway?

Broadway has seen many (and we mean MANY) great shows, all of which thousands of people travel to New York to be able to see. All of the above have made it to Broadway with the exception of Gypsy, which is an American Netflix series.


Can you remember your Noble Gases from science class?

A noble gas is any of a group of rare gases, including: helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and usually radon and oganesson. Therefore, from the list above, Boron is the only non-noble gas.


Backstreet Boys had a couple of huge hits during the late 90s and early 2000s. Which of the following isn’t a Backstreet Boys hit?

Good ol’ Backstreet Boys! They had plenty of hits during their time (most recently the song “Chances” made it quite big on the charts). However, Rock Your Body, although a hit, wasn’t one that belongs to the Boys (it’s a Justin Timberlake hit).


Can you identify which of the following was not an Olympic host city?

The Olympics have been hosted in many great cities throughout the world, and many continue to bid for the chance of hosting the world’s best athletes. One of those cities still working on it is Toronto, who has never hosted the Olympics before.


There are many ways of saying hello. Which of the following is not one?

Hola, ciao, bonjour, salaam, hallo! These are all ways of greeting someone, except for “sayonara,” which is a Japanese word used to say farewell to someone.


In high school science class, you were taught about human cell parts. Which of the following isn’t one?

From a structural perspective, plant and animal cells are very similar because they are both eukaryotic cells. However, from the list above, chloroplasts belong only to plant cells and not human cells.


Africa is a beautiful continent. Which of the following countries do not form a part of it?

Africa is a big continent, hosting many beautiful countries and cities that speak several languages, French being one of them. Yemen, however, is the only country listed above that stands out, as it is actually located in the Middle East.


Do you remember your Harry Potter characters?

Well, there were many books (and movies) of Harry Potter, and as a result, many characters in each. However, so did the Hobbit! Beorn happens to be one of the fictional characters of the Hobbit, though he could have made the cut for a Harry Potter movie too.


Which of the following doesn’t fit in?

Out of the numbers listed above, 9 is the only one that doesn’t really fit in with the rest. Why? It’s an odd number, which means it cannot be divided evenly intro groups of two.


Remember Charmed, the TV series? Which of the following stands out?

Charmed was an American fantasy drama that aired from 1998 to 2006. The three main characters were sisters, and all had their special superpowers, except for Billie who wasn’t one of the sisters.


Can you identify which of the following was not a Michael Jackson hit?

Oh man, the ‘80s were such a great era for music! Michael Jackson just seemed to effortlessly produce hit after hit. But like him, Prince was also working hard on his music, making "I Wanna Be Your Lover" one of his greatest hits.


Which of the following is not an original language of the Bible?

The texts of the Bible were mainly written in Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Latin, however, was not one of the languages used when writing the original texts of one of the world’s oldest book.


California has many great sports teams. Can you identify which one is not one of them?

If you want to watch a good game, watch one with a Californian team as a participant (that’s not to say that there aren’t other great state sport teams out there). With the exception of the Windy City Bulls (a Chicago team), all of the above are Californian teams.


Who said you needed hair to be famous? Which of the following is not a bald singer?

Well, they might have had hair once, but if anything, they stand out because they don’t have that much hair. With the exception of Stevie Wonder, who’s always proudly worn his low-hanging ponytail, the rest are notorious not only for their music, but also for their… ahem, bare look.


Can you identify which is not a Mario character?

Nothing like playing Mario with a couple of friends! The above are all Mario characters with the exception of Brock, who happens to be a Pokemon character instead.


There are plenty of superhero shows out there. Which of the following doesn’t pertain?

Who can help but to watch one of these on a Friday night or Saturday movie outing? Superheros are fun (and it would probably be more fun to be one). Lie to Me, on the other hand, qualifies only as a crime drama TV series.


Steven Spielberg is one of history’s most renowned movie directors. Which of the below was not directed by him?

Steven Spielberg is widely known as one of the best directors of our time. He has produced movies we’ve all had the pleasure of viewing, both as children and adults, except for Django Unchained, which was directed by Quentin Tarantino.


Which of the following is not a synonym of the others?

Small has many synonyms, easy ones include: miniature, poor, modest and more. All of the above also qualify as synonyms except for liberal, which is an antonym.


Let’s take it back to biology class. Which of the following is not a leg bone?

Well, it’s a good thing the list isn’t a long one and the list is easy to remember: femur, patella, tibia and fibula. The humerus, however, happens to be an arm bone.


Do you remember your European cities? Which of the following doesn’t belong?

Pretoria is one of three capitals of South Africa. The rest of the cities are in Poland, Czech Republic and Portugal, which are all European countries.


Which of the following stands out?

This has been a widely studied mystery, in which many have tried to figure out the rare coincidence of a long lst of famous musicians who died before they reached age 28. The list above has the names of famous superstars who unfortunately didn’t make it past their 27, with the exception of Michael Jackson, who died when he was 50.


Which of the following is not a muscle?

This list could go on and on as the human body has 650 muscles. However, the sciatic happens to be a nerve, not a muscle, that runs from the lower back down the back of each leg.


Can you identify which one is not a baseball legend?

The best of the best! Baseball has seen some great players throughout the years, demonstrating that this sport's popularity is not going anywhere. However, Diego Maradona was a legend, but not of baseball, of soccer!


Who wasn't part of the Brady Bunch?

The Brady Bunch was a popular American TV series that aired from 1969 to 1974 and was about a large blended family that had six children. All of the above were fictional characters belonging to the series with the exception of Luke -- there was no Luke.


Can you identify which of the below doesn’t fit in because it’s misspelled?

Yes, we all make our mistakes and usually turn to spelling a word depending on how it sounds (after all, English can be a difficult language). Although the above can all be pretty challenging to spell, “wierd” is the only word misspelled (should be “weird”).


Which of the following is not a French word?

French is such a beautiful language! Americans have adapted some of the words to casually (and we mean very casually) use them in regular conversation (think about when wish someone a bon voyage or bon appetit). All of the above are French with the exception of “ciao,” which can either mean hello or goodbye in Italian.


Which of the following wasn’t an Edgar Allan Poe poem?

Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer, editor and literary critic -- one of the best ones we’ve ever come across so far. His style was unique and incomparable, writing many famous poems, with the exception of The House of Mirth, which was written by Edith Wharton.


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