Which Off-board Excursion Should You Try?

Mark Philip Lichtenstein

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You're on a cruise somewhere in the world. You've been pampered at the pool, drinking at the bar, massaged in the spa, and entertained by the ship's onboard entertainment. With all that to go back to on the ship, what off-board excursion should you try? Let's find out.

How are you as a tourist?

Do you want to go someplace where you'll need a guidebook, or do you prefer a person to be your guide?

Do you like authentic cuisine?

Do you want to break a sweat?

Do you want excitement?

Are you squeamish?

Are you religious?

Are you a nature lover?

Are you a history lover?

Could you not care less about history, or food, and just want to be shown a good time?

Do you speak any languages other than English?

Do you want to do a lot of walking?

Do you want to do a lot of swimming?

Do you like to drive?

Do you mind eating strange ingredients?

How's your religious tolerance?

Are you an art lover?

Is this shore excursion a way to explore a place in case you'd like to make a longer visit?

How late do you like to stay up?

Do violent drivers unnerve you?

How do you like your design?

Do you mind other tourists?

When you aren't actually seeing the sights, what do you do with your downtime on shore?

What do you shop for?

What souvenir would you buy for yourself?

What souvenir would you buy for your family back home?

Do you want to stretch your dollar?

How worried are you about pickpockets?

Can you take a hike without getting out of breath?

How are you with maps?

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