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There are hundreds of cuts of meat. While some animals share names for their different parts, there are many that have unique names for each cut of their meat, not all of which are carried in the typical supermarket. 

In your average supermarket, you'll find a variety of steaks, different cuts of lamb, plenty of pork and bacon, whole chickens, and chickens chopped into parts. You probably won't find alligator, elk, venison, and the gamier meats that hunters enjoy. 

If you're a meat eater, this quiz may introduce you to new cuts of meat. Prior to this, you may not have known to look for a rump medallion, a frenched cutlet, or the difference between a ham butt end and a ham shank end. At the very least, once you're finished, you're going to want to look for a few new recipes, so that you can change dinner up a bit.

Are you a fan of unique cuts of meat? Would you eat a different steak every day of the week if it was healthy? Do you think you know as much about meat as your average butcher? Will you do so well on this quiz that once you're done, you will decide to become a butcher? 

What part of a pig is used to make Canadian bacon?

Canadian bacon is also called back bacon. In Canada, that's actually the preferred term.


What part of a cow does brisket come from?

Brisket can come from the lower chest or the breast. It is usually cooked low and slow.


Where would you get a top round steak from?

A round steak can also be called a topside steak or a silverside steak. The former is commonly used in the United States and the latter in the United Kingdom.


On a cow, where would you find the cut of meat used for a sirloin steak?

The sirloin of a cow is cut into multiple steaks. However, if you are purchasing sirloin steak, you will most likely get a piece of the bottom sirloin. Inn the United Kingdom, it is called a striploin.


Which part of the pig is used for baby back ribs?

Baby back ribs are connected to the backbone and are under the loin muscle. They are considered the most tender and the leanest ribs from a pig.


What part of a lamb is not usually used in a lamb chop?

There are a lot of cuts of meat that can be called "lamb chops." There are boneless blade chops, loin chops, shoulder blade chops, and shoulder arm chops.


Where do spareribs come from?

While pork spareribs are popular, there are also lamb spareribs. Lamb spareribs have less meat than pork spareribs.


When eaten, the leg of a pig is more commonly referred to as what?

There are two cuts of meat with ham in the name: ham butt end and ham shank end. The ham butt end is the upper leg portion, which contains more meat and fat than the lower leg. The ham shank end is leaner and is often more processed.


Where would you find the cut of pig used for pork chops?

Pork chops are usually the most expensive cut of pork. While ribs and loin are the most common pork chops, you can also find sirloin chops, boneless chops, and shoulder chops.


London broil is made using which cut from a cow?

London broil is technically not a specific cut of meat, which means anything can be labeled with the name. The term refers to the way it's cooked.


If you went to the butcher and ordered a lamb shank, which part of a lamb would you receive?

A lamb shank is low in fat content and has connective tissues. To break down the tough connective tissue, chefs recommend that the cut is cooked slow and in some type of liquid.


What part of the cow is used for filet mignon?

If you order filet mignon in France, you are more likely to get a cut of pork than of beef. To get the same cut of meat in France, you'd need to ask for filet de bœuf.


Where on a deer would you get venison osso bucco?

Osso bucco is an Italian dish traditionally made with lamb. In English, osso buco translates as "bone with a hole." In the middle of your shank, you will find a piece of the leg bone.


What part of a chicken do drumsticks come from?

The two parts of a chicken leg are the thigh and the drumstick. A stuffed boneless leg is called a ballotine.


Where on a chicken would you find the gizzard?

The gizzard on a chicken helps it grind up food, so that the chicken can digest it. If you plan on cooking gizzards, you should cook them slowly at a low temperature. Otherwise, the meat will become chewy.


What part of an animal do natural sausage casings come from?

While there are synthetic sausage casing that are made out of collagen, cellulose, or plastic, natural sausage cases are made from the submucosa. The intestines used for sausage can come from pigs, cows, goat, and sheep.


From where on a deer is stew meat usually taken?

Venison can be used like beef. You can use the neck meat for stews or soup.


Where on a cow would you find the meat for a tenderloin steak?

Tenderloin steaks are also called eye filets and medallions. Some dishes the meat is used in are chateaubriand, beef wellington, beef stroganoff, and steak tartare.


On a chicken, thighs come from which part?

Chicken thighs are dark meat. It also has intramuscular fat, which adds flavor.


Where would you find the cuts of meat known as oxtail?

The oxtail is typically sold with the bone in. Usually, this cut of meat weighs between 2 to 4 pounds.


Where can tripe be found?

Tripe can be found in cattle and sheep. It often comes partially cooked because it is difficult to cook at home. Many tripe recipes are soups and stews.


Where on a cow would you find the meat for a New York Strip steak?

A strip steak can be called a New York Strip, a Kansas City Strip, and a porterhouse steak, among other names. It is considered a lower grade than rib eye and tenderloin steaks.


Where would you find the meat for a ribeye steak?

A ribeye steak is sometimes called a market steak or a Delmonico steak. When looking for a good one at the supermarket, you want to look for one that is marbled because they are supposed to have a richer flavor and are more tender.


Where would you find an eye round roast on a cow?

The eye round is leaner and less tender than other cuts of beef. It is often used for marinating or as a steak.


What part of a cow is called the tri-tip?

The tri-tip is sometimes called a tip roast or a triangle roast. It is found at the intersection where the sirloin, round, and flank cuts meet.


What part of a cow does a hangar steak come from?

The hanger steak is only from steers. It is connected to the spine and the last rib.


Where on a pig would you find pork collar?

The pork collar is sometimes called a pork neck filet or a collar butt steak. They can be barbecued, stir-fried, or grilled.


What part of a lamb does the cut leg of lamb come from?

If not prepared properly, the leg of lamb can be tough. It is usually roasted and often served on holidays.


Where would you get the meat for a sweetbread?

Sweetbreads are commonly made out of the thymus and pancreas. However, the parotid gland, the heart, the sublingual gland, and even the testicles can be used to make sweetbread.


What part of the pig is side bacon found?

In the United States, side bacon is the most popular type of bacon. It is also called streaky bacon.


Where on a cow is the beef shank located?

The shank is typically cut into shank cross-cuts. Beef shank is not as popular as veal and lamb shank because it is tougher.


Where does a beef skirt steak come from?

Skirt steak is located in what is known as the beef plate primal. There is an inside and an outside skirt.


What part of a cow does a merlot steak come from?

The merlot cut is above the shank and below the bottom round. While the merlot cut is rarely found in the supermarket, you can request it from a butcher.


What is part of a pig is a secreto?

The secreto is approximately where a skirt steak is on a cow. It is sometimes called a pork skirt steak for this reason.


Where would you find a shoulder hock on a pig?

Pork hocks are split into front and back. If taken from the front, they are called shoulder hocks. If taken from the back legs, they are called ham hocks.


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