Which Polarizing NFL Star Are You?

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All sports in the world have players whose mere existence generates controversy. In fact, take almost any high profile athlete, and you can find online forums where fans of the sport have heated arguments about the virtues and foibles of said athletes. Some athletes are polarizing because of, at least in part, their abilities as athletes. LeBron James, Tom Brady, and Bryce Harper generate passionate arguments primarily because of their skills and accomplishments, or lack thereof. Then there are players who polarize fans and detractors because of behavior off the field. Alex Rodriguez angered baseball fans with his steroid use, egotism, and infidelity. Muhammad Ali's controversial comments, intended to get into the heads of his opponents before entering the ring, were seen as showboating by some of his detractors.

Of all sports, the NFL seems to lead in the stat "polarizing star athletes". NFL players have been simultaneously praised for being comeback exemplars, while their colleages run afoul of the law. NFL players have become polarizing for coupling their on-field exploits with outspoken political stances. Some are polarizing simply because they are so strange, and behave so weirdly, you can't look away. Tell us about your personality and preferences, and we'll determine which polarizing NFL star you are!

You've been invited to the ESPYs, and the invite says the dress code is "black tie." How do you dress?

Your success has every charity clamoring for you to be their spokesman. Which one do you choose to support?

You're so rich, you can afford to do anything with your free time. What hobby do you take up on a lark?

What would have to happen for you to publicly take a political stance?

You've been hired to do an ad for Nike! What's your tag line?

You've got some time to kill in the off season. Where do you take a short trip?

What do you do on your nights off to unwind?

You forgot that practice is today! Your team has called you twice! What do you do?

A hated rival from another team arrives on your squad thanks to a trade. How do you break the ice?

You've said some things that a segment of fans disagree with. When you take the field, they boo you. What do you do?

Shotgun or pistol formation?

What kind of celebrity do you date?

What celebrity do you feud with?

When do you retire?

What lesson will children learn from your example?

What is your most likely lasting injury from your time in the NFL?

How do you handle all the questions yelled at you by the scrum of reporters waiting outside the stadium?

What other sport do you follow during your professional career?

Other than getting a job, what do you plan to do when you retire?

For what team do you most want to play?

If you don't want to live in the city you play for most of the time, where do you want to live instead?

What room is an absolute must for the home you buy with your first big contract?

How would you fill in the blank for the statement "The Patriots are ________"?

When do you inevitably get married?

Who is your nemesis?

Which celebrity would you like to befriend?

What pet do you keep?

What paid job will you do in your next career?

What sort of house suits you?

Which politician do you like?

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