Which Popular Movie Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?

Ian Fortey

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For a movie to really be good and engage the audience, it needs to have something you can relate to. There needs to be a human element, even if the characters aren't human. Something that pulls you in and puts you in the place of one of the characters so you can try to imagine yourself in that scenario. All the best movies do it by showing you a real, human story. That's the reason a lot of romance films are so popular, because what could be more human than falling in love?  People relate either because they want it, have it or had it at some time in their lives. Even a movie franchise as outlandish and fantastic as "Star Wars" had a power couple. 

Since movie couples work best by showing us the reality of a relationship between two people, it's easy to transport yourself to that spot if you're in a relationship too. How many times have you seen a couple in a movie and thought "that's just like us!?" Sure, they're fictional, and you need to take it all with a grain of salt, but they can be really inspiring and fun to watch.

Do you think you know what couple you and your significant other are most like? There's one way to find out. Take our quiz and see!

Would you say there was one specific moment when you realized you were in love with your significant other?

When you and your partner get into a disagreement, how does it usually play out?

First dates are always nervous energy and trying to impress one another. Where do you two like to go on dates now that you're a couple?

How do you decide who is going to sleep on what side of the bed?

Are the two of you a fan of couple's activities or do you like to do things with just the two of you?

When it comes to cleaning up around the house, is that a team effort or does one of you take the initiative?

No couple gets through life without a few arguments. What do you tend to butt heads over most often?

Are you the kind of couple that likes to host big parties at your house?

Is getting along with your significant others' family an issue for you or not?

If the two of you were able to get away together for a vacation, what would you most like to do?

You can't get through a day without a good meal. How do you two manage meal prep?

Is there a game show that you think you and your SO would absolutely be amazing at if you got a chance to play?

What was it that made your significant other stand out and really grab your attention?

When you go to a party as a couple, do you stay together or do you drift apart and mingle separately?

How serious would you say the relationship you have right now is?

If you hadn't met your SO, what do you think your life would be like right now?

Lots of couples have a song that means something to them. What was going on that made your song so significant?

Not everyone is down for public displays of affection. What do you think about them?

Do you go to sleep as a couple or do you hit the sack at different times in the night?

What would you say is the thing that has made your relationship so successful?

It's almost unheard of for someone to have a relationship and not have some kind of pet name for their SO. What do you call each other?

Where do you see yourself in about 10 years time?

Binge watching TV is a great way to spend an evening. Do you guys always agree on what to watch?

If your SO came home with some matching outfits for the two of you to wear, would you be game?

What holiday do you and your significant other have the most fun celebrating?

Suppose you two could travel to any other period in history. Where do you think you'd fit in the best?

Every couple has a favorite restaurant. What kind of restaurant do the two of you enjoy going to the most?

Is there a famous couple who you aspire to be like in your own relationship?

Have you ever told a little white lie to your significant other?

Do you feel like the relationship you have with your SO is better or stronger than most people's?

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