Which Rainforest Animal Is Your Spirit Animal?

Teresa M.

Image: Collage; Bonobo, Jaguar, Sloth

About This Quiz

There's no need to claim an average and boring animal as your spirit animal when there's a rainforest full of interesting creatures. Let's find out which unique rainforest animal lives inside you!

Which snack would you chose from a tray?

Which animal of the Chinese Zodiac do you think you are most like?

Are you more of a people person or a hermit?

Would you enjoy a trip to the rainforest?

Which part of the zoo do you like most?

How do you deal with getting angry?

Which word do you think best describes your inner child?

Which big cat do you like most?

If you were a farmer, which animals would you choose to raise?

Are you in touch with your inner beast?

Which type of rainforest snake do you fear most?

What would you do if you encountered a Caiman?

Which "How I Met Your Mother" character is your favorite?

How would your coworkers describe your sense of humor?

How much of a morning person are you?

Do you take a lot of naps?

Which of the following do you get most excited about?

Do you turn your work in on time?

Which rainforest fruit would you most like to try?

Which rainforest beetle sounds scariest?

Which rainforest would you most like to visit?

If you found yourself stranded in a rainforest, what is the first thing you would do?

Do you have more in common with a sloth or a chihuahua?

Do you have a green thumb?

What country would you most like to visit?

What animal are you most like when you first wake up?

What do you think others like most about you?

Which job would you like to have most?

Do you eat a lot of red meat?

Which cartoon pet do you like most?

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