Which Rare Horse Breed Reflects Your Personality?

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

If you were a rare horse breed, which one would you be? Do you have the beauty and sensitivity of rare Arabian horse, the strength and adaptability of an ancient draught horse, or the unpredictability of an elusive wild horse?

In this quiz, we're going to ask you questions about your core personality qualities, including the Big Five personality test traits: extraversion, agreeableness, openness, neuroticism, and conscientiousness. We want to know how introverted or extroverted you are, whether you're hyper-responsible or very chill, how open you are to wacky new concepts and whether you're able to go with the flow when situations go south. Through your answers, we'll be able to gauge how your temperament lines up with those of some of the world's rarest horses. It might sound silly, but like these gorgeous creatures, you're a unique and precious presence in this world!

Once you've told us all about yourself, we'll be able to match you with one of these special breeds. We hope that understanding which rare horse best represents your personality helps you to gain a new appreciation for your own individuality. Are you ready to find out who you really are? Roll up your sleeves and take this quiz!

Do you enjoy being the center of attention?

Would you rather be on-time or well-dressed?

If you read about a car crash online, does it make you feel nervous?

Would you consider attending a modern dance performance if you knew ahead of time that the dancers might pull you onstage?

When you have a day off, how do you spend it?

How many books do you read per year?

If you have a crush on someone, how do you get to know them better?

Are people comfortable sharing embarrassing secrets with you?

If you see an interesting job opening, do you apply for the position even if you're not totally qualified for it?

What's your most distinctive personality trait?

It's finals week. Your sister calls while you're studying for a difficult math exam. She's been dumped and wants to cry on your shoulder. Do you hang out with her?

How do you feel about people who change plans at the last minute?

Your friends invite you to go skinny-dipping but your eczema is flaring up. What do you say?

Do you ever get depressed?

When traveling in a new city, does meeting new people make you feel excited or intimidated?

How many mood shifts would you say you have each day?

Are you more comfortable with people who talk a lot or with people who are good listeners?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how original are you?

What's your body type?

In general, do you consider yourself to be better than other people or worse than other people?

Would you rather be a waiter or a cook?

Do you enjoy studying history, or are you more interested in new technology?

When waiting in line, do you feel angry if people cut ahead of you?

How many loads of laundry would it take for all of your clothes to be clean?

Your best friend asks you to make a speech at their wedding reception. Do you say yes?

Which of these careers sounds like the most fun to you?

If your neighbor moved, abandoning their cat, would you take it in or just call animal services?

What kind of boss or manager annoys you the most?

Can you sleep anywhere, or do you need special conditions in order to relax?

If you were a super hero, which one would you be?

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