Which Real Life Princess Dress Should You Get Married In?

Tori Highley

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About This Quiz

Between sweet cake tastings, magical venues, and finding the perfect invitations, planning your wedding is a whirlwind no matter how much help you have. And the most important part of wedding planning is finding the perfect frock for the ceremony of your dreams. Becoming a princess for a day brings a lot of pressure on your arresting and astonishing good looks, as you and your dress will be the center of attention for the whole day of your wedding. 

To truly become a princess, look to what the royals are wearing! With the upcoming nuptials of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, royal weddings are all the rage for wedding inspiration this season. While you are wondering what kind of white wedding dress you should wear, you might find that dressing like an actual princess will make your day most enchanting. While the royals tend to have virtually unlimited budgets, their dresses inspire wedding dress trends for all designers, and the elements you love on the royal gowns will surely grace your own gorgeous gown. 

Whether you are planning a fantasy wedding or have an impending ceremony of your own, this quiz is sure to find the wedding gown that will transform you into a princess. Take it to find your perfect wedding dress!

What do you most admire about your maid-of-honor?

What decorating theme are you in love with?

What kind of cake are you looking forward to cutting?

What scheme of bridesmaid dresses are you excited about?

Which flowers have to be in your bouquet?

Where do you envision your wedding ceremony?

How are you planning your wedding?

What kind of shoes are you walking down the aisle in?

What will your main course be for catering?

What is your ideal bachelorette party?

Where do you get most of your wedding inspiration?

Who do you trust to take care of wedding day woes?

What color will your wedding dress be?

Which tradition are you planning to eschew?

What song is your first dance going to be to?

Where is your dream honeymoon?

Which backdrop did you choose for your engagement photos?

Which castle do you dream of staying in?

What part of the day-of getting ready process are you looking forward to?

Which real-life prince is most like your husband-to-be?

What will adorn the top of your head for your wedding ceremony?

What is your something borrowed?

What song will you walk down the aisle to?

What cut is your engagement ring?

Which unique activity do you want at your reception?

What part of wedding planning is stressing you out the most?

Which wedding movie do you love the most?

Where are you looking to save money on your reception?

Which bridal party gift are you excited to give your besties?

Who is going to happy cry the most at your wedding?

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